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T’was The Night Before Lonnsmas

T’was The Night Before Lonnsmas

This Lonnsmas Eve, we fellow Normals would like to share a poem written by Augustus Weizmoore in 1801: THE NIGHT BEFORE LONNSMAS T’was the night before Lonnsmas, and all through the campound, Not a Normal was stirring, for their sleep was profound I in my vestments. And my SRAS in […]

by December 24, 2015 0 comments Christmas
Example of someone dressed as Santa Claus in Black-Face

Nativity in Blackface

The holiday season is upon us once again. Like always, secularists and masturbators are trying to distract everyone from the true meaning of Christmas. Unfortunately, this very holy and wonderful holiday is being tarnished by racism once again. Although the true meaning of Christmas is becoming more of a rumor […]

by December 22, 2015 6 comments Christmas
Hollywood bad boy Charlie Sheen has been struck down by God.  Praise!

Hollywood Bad Boy Charlie Sheen Reveals That He Has the HIV-AIDS!

Hollyweird, CA – Hollywood bad boy Charlie Sheen, star of the homosexual situation-comedy program Two and 1/2 Half Man, announced that he has been punished by God for masturbating and has been cursed with the HIV-AIDS.  Those who have been monitoring Sheen’s masturbatory practices are not surprised by the news. “Chuck was the first major success story for the SMN ministries self-celibacy/Normalcy program […]

by December 21, 2015 4 comments Celebrity
Fappy Sentenced To Eight Years Imprisonment

Fappy Sentenced To Eight Years Imprisonment

SAFFORD AZ (SMNNN) Paul Horner, the man inside the Fappy The Anti-Masturbation Dolphin furry mascot suit has been sentenced to eight years in federal prison following his arrest for accosting sea-animals at Sea World aquarium. Saul Reubenstein, Horner’s attorney says they tried really hard, but the evidence against Paul Horner […]

by December 2, 2015 9 comments Celebrity, Compound News, Crime, Trending, World
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