Sign Our Petition to Get American Actor Hugh Jackman to Change His Offensive Name

September 14, 2016 61

(StopMasturbationNOW)—This is a reminder that we need more signatures to force American actor Hugh Jackman to change his offensive name. As of noon 6/12/2015 we have had 753,252 signatures which is over 75% of the needed one million required to force a name change.

Our children are bombarded with anti family values messages everyday and the last thing we parents need to worry about is the name of an actor appearing subliminally in movie credits.

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Saints Cut Seed Spiller C.J. Spiller

September 14, 2016 1

NEW ORLEANS, LA — “No hard feelings” is how C.J. Spiller sums up his time with the New Orleans Saints. In an concerted effort to both improve their moral image and save money at the same time, the team has cut ties with the running back on Monday.

C.J. (which stands for Circle Jerk) Spiller is a known sideline and locker room masturbator / self rapist.

Spiller, 29, signed a four-year, $16 million deal with the Saints last year. He was suspended […]

Harambe is Slang for Male Masturbation

September 12, 2016 17

Dear Lonnie,

My 13 Year-old son wants to buy a Harambe t shirt. I asked him what it meant and he had trouble explaining it to me. It sounds kind of ethnic? Can you provide any guidance?

Patricia Hunt



Thank you for writing. You are right to worry. Harambe is secret slang for male masturbation. People will post or write “penis out for Harambe”. This is then taken as a sign to masturbate. Harambe is an ancient black word meaning “black sin pole”. It has […]

BREAKING: Obama Just Released 61 Masturbators BACK ON THE STREETS!

September 6, 2016 12

President Barack Obama has always has been soft on hardened  self-rape crime. His opposition to self-celibacy and his attitude toward the shameful hands-to-genitalia crime have made America less safe.

Today, we see just how immoral and dangerous Obama is during his final year in the White House. He just abused his power and commuted the prison sentences of 61 self-rapists who were arrested on sodomy offenses. Some of the crimes were so serious, they were currently serving life-sentences! A few of […]

How Female Masturbation Affects the Female Body

September 2, 2016 21

A woman’s health is a priority to roughly half of the human population. It’s where babies are made and it’s also where they come from. For a man, making sure his same-race wife’s vagina is in proper working order is no different than taking care of his tools. For the lesser-gender, having a ship-shape vagina is a source of pride, while having a loose and smelly one is a source of shame.

Many of our readers have asked about the physical […]