Black History Month Fun Quiz

(StopMasturbationNOW)—Its been a cold and dark February, but its almost over. To celebrate the end of black history month we listed twenty inventions. See if you can find the three invented by Blacks.

Light Bulbs
Peanut Recipes
Seat Belt
Combustion Engine
Artificial Heart
Car shocks that bounce up and down for no reason
Steam Engine
Printing Press
Fire Truck

Best of luck to everyone!


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17 Comments on Black History Month Fun Quiz

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  2. WHITE people created hrydro shocks, in 1912, when blacks were still with the slave masters as low pay freed workers (endentured slaves), you know….like what you do to the mexicans now.

    Beyance, Justine timberlake coined the word Twerk, but it was Miley cyrus that brought it all over the country. A WHITE woman with low morals. Like your people did with Pornography, to the rest of the world.

    Peanut recipes? you refer to botonist, G W Carver? Yes of his invension, uses for peanuts as a food is part of them, However, In the usa? peanut butter is the ruler. A white man’s product that has been corrupted by your terrible farming ability..opposite of what carver taught you…and you brought us Salmonella. the africans brought you, peanut soup, to the south, 400 years ago, while the spanish version of you were slavers.

    So the rest of the things on this long list, were in fact created by blacks…And oh, I forgot…there’s ONE MORE thing i didnt say…I know more than you. And Im black.

  3. One of the most entertaining things about this website is the comment section where you find all the people who don’t realize it is satire.

    I’m dying here LMAO.

    For everyone acting all offended this SITE IS NOT REAL. It’s intended to be humor at the expense of Christians.

  4. Psst… Its obvious that every one of these things were created by our Lord, The all mighty, all powerful, all knowing, omnipresent, omnipotent, creator of the universe, because he created us and somehow gave us the intelligence to do things like that so we can enjoy life

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