Disturbing Video: Panda Caught Self-raping

Nation of Origin: Communist Chinasia

The Wicked Wildlife Federation, in association with agents from Big Masturbation have released a disturbing video.

The grainy, shaking, out-of-focus footage shows a psychotic panda with glazed eyes, oblivious to the world, shaking his sin stick with vigor and reckless abandon until streams of seedy ejaculate are squirted into the air with no regard to purchase.

No doubt, this is the work of the devil and Big Masturbation. It’s not surprising that this revolting media cums from the nation of Communist Chinasia. They will not relent in bringing images like this to the eyes of our precious youth. It is their aim to have all children self satisfy in the same manner.


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10 Comments on Disturbing Video: Panda Caught Self-raping

  1. “Know well the condition of your flocks, And pay attention to your herds;” – Proverbs 27:23

    Whomever owns and has been tasked with caring for this panda should be cast into the lake of fire for allowing this to happen.

  2. This is why all wild life should be exterminated. We do not eat pandas. There is no reason for them to exist.

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