Do Masturbators go to Heaven?

(StopMasturbationNOW)—Dear Lonnie, I was wondering if masturbators were allowed into heaven? I’m not talking about people who have masturbated in the past but repented and are saved, I am asking about the ones who think self-rape is okay.

Thank you, Chuck Powell



Thanks for writing, no.



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  1. lonnie is a retarded piece of shit homo pedophile who deserves to be shackled in his own straight jacket and be raped to death where he would then be immediatly sent to hell. ie. dont listen to him, he is a cultist not a christian. Self rape isnt real. there isnt anything wrong with masturbation. what is wrong is what you think about while doing it. for example i dont think god likes porn sites but masturbating to your wife doesnt defy any rule in the bible

    • Why are you so full of hate? We do not go to your church or work and post hateful and vulgar words. I am praying that you will discover the wisdom of the words of Lonnie.

  2. dear lonie i had a wet dream and awoke holding my willy …am ai damned to eternal hell ..please tell me how to stop doing this its not the first time its happened thanx daz lee

  3. What is wrong with people these days? Seriously masterbation is a natural thing I don’t know how something so stupid gets into peoples minds. God loves all his children I don’t believe he would damn his children to hell for touching themselves. Seriously people think before you even consider something this outrageous…

  4. I jerked off to the above photo of the girl on the bra and pantiiiiiiiies , sorry my I key was sticky

  5. Is it not stated that all you need in order to enter heaven is the acception of Christ into your heart as savior? Knowing what you’ve done wrong and cleansing you of your sin For knowing that he died for you? Please people listening to this man, cut it out and read for yourself the good word. Advance yourself and maybe those aroud you. God bless

  6. No hate here. Just that you should be discovering and deciphering things for yourself. Not through someone else.

  7. This website is disgusting. You Jesus freaks will the first to enter through the gates of hell. There is an entire fucking universe of billions and billions of galaxies and in each Galaxy there are millions of solor systems.. If you seriously believe God is concerned with us on earth masturbating then you are fucking loony. It makes me sick to think you kind of people actually exist.

  8. I don’t really see any difference between people like Lonnie and Islamic Extremists. (Minus the fact that Islamic Extremists use violence). But still, you both have similar beliefs when it comes to homosexuals, masturbation, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, and anything else that our society does, that you don’t partake in yourself.

    • Leader Lonnie believes smoking tobacco is good and encourages it. ‘You can’t masturbate while lighting a smooth Rj Reynolds brand product” he always preaches.

  9. Every time you jerk off, I will allow you a one free pass for heaven, if you redeem 5, you get super heaven, where you get to stay with smart people. And we’ve fixed the TVs so you can watch Lonnie and his followers burn in hell!

  10. What kind of sick website of this? Masturbation is normal, and it isn’t self-rape either. Have you been brainwashed that much? As an atheist, I’d like to say that not everything in the bible is true, even if there is a passage about masturbation being a bad thing. After all, some person wrote the bible, not “God” himself. As the people who support anti-masturbation “pray for me” because I clearly need “help,” I’d also like to include:

    Satan will be getting a whole new batch of people since more than half of the world masturbate, if not, more. Looks like God will have just a few people in his heaven then.

  11. my brother and i love to 69 and take it in the ass from each other and other men. i need to know if we are going to burn in hell

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