Help: I Masturbated at a College Slumber Party

Dear Lonnie:

I have a question/confession I would like to reveal. I’m not sure how best to start so here it goes; my friends and I were having the usual college girl sleepover. A couple drinks into the sleepover somehow my friends and I started comparing breast size. Now, I should have said in the beginning my family are very disciplined non-masturbators. It’s just not done in my house nor talked about. So this was all new to me. Anyways, the girls began taking their tops off. I was so nervous I didn’t know what to do so I dodged awkward stares at any of the girls. Suddenly, Stephanie (that’s what we’ll call her) caught met eye to eye with me. “Touch me” She said. “I don’t bite”. I froze “here, I’ll help you” She lifted her bra up over her breasts, took my hand slowly and lead it to her perfect perky breast that seemed to jiggle in just the right way. She wrapped her hand around mine forcing me to gently squeeze her breasts as the others girls watched and giggled. Now the thing is, I liked it. No… I loved it. I rushed to the bathroom, fiercely started masturbating till wet juices ran down my leg. My parents always told me this was work of the devil. Can the evil thoughts be taken out of my head? Is there something I can do to still go to heaven? I feel like my life is ruined. Sage Degan

Sage, thank you for taking the time to write me. I have been praying hard for you since I received your email. You have been in my thoughts constantly. There is nothing more disgusting than female masturbation. That being said, many females in today’s era of liberal parenting and public schools often struggle with lesbian thoughts, fantasies, and even actions. It is important though to remember that there is still time to redeem yourself. As a religious leader it isn’t for me to burn bisexual women at the stake but to welcome you with open arms and fill you with my love. I have sent you a packet by mail detailing our educational program for attractive High School and College aged women who struggle with their sexual identity. This multi-step program allows you to live here in our compound and confront your desires head on through confessionals, role-playing, physical therapy and work and, prayer. The program is free so please consider it. In the meantime I will continue to pray for you.

Again, thanks for the question Sage. If any other of our readers have a question please write me at or use the contact us link at the bottom.

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  1. I have read this a dozen times and can’t help to think how terrible poor Sages life must be living with those urges and desires. I can only hope by putting her desires and adventures out there for the rest of the world to see, she will get some form of release. Much like I’ve gotten from reading this. Hard prayers sent.

  2. I’m going into to the bathroom to pray over this one more time. Poor sweet, tender, delicio%#$…. Um. Poor Sage.

  3. masturbation is a normal thing in life. so is sex. God obviously made those parts to use for fun and enjoyment, wether with someone or alone. and if sage is a lesbian, so what? love is love.

  4. Is this real???? Masturbation is not self rape!!!! Rape is to perform a sexual act without consent. This website is a joke.

  5. Why do you post pictures of such hot, sexy, delicious women on your site? I masturbate to this site more than porn sites! You corrupt me… thank you!!! Praise!!!!!!!


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