How many Gold Medals Would Tim Tebow Win if he was at the Olympics?

Nov 5, 2015; Columbia, MO, USA; EPSN analyst Tim Tebow looks on prior to the game between the Missouri Tigers and the Mississippi State Bulldogs at Faurot Field. Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Dear Lonnie, how many medals would Tim Tebow win if he was at the Olympics?

Bart Tanner 13


Well Bart, the easy answer of course would be all of them. Laughing Out Loud! But seriously, it is a great question and involves a lot of thought. As a hypothetical question we need to make some assumptions.

Assumption number 1. We will limit this to individual sports to rule out variables in teammate play.

Assumption number 2. We will rule out medals in sports that are subjective. Sports like gymnastics and synchronized swimming are judged based on opinion instead of fact. People of other faith or liberals may cheat Tim Tebow as they fear him.

Assumption number 3. We will ignore the fact that events take place simultaneously. Someone running the marathon may not be able to do the high jump as they might be at the same time. We will ignore this constraint.

Assumtion number 4. We will limit this to Gold medals. This eliminates the possibility that Tim could have the top three scores in an event.

Assumption number 5. We will limit this to male sports.

So using the constraints listed above we estimate Tim Tebow would win about 117 Gold Medals in Rio.

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