Should Sexy Education be Taught in Schools?

Loyal follower and staunch non-masturbator, Paul Stanley, asks:

“Lonnie, should sex education be taught in public schools?”

Thank you for the question, Paul. Obviously the answer is “no”. For the past few decades, publicly schooled American children have fallen far behind their dastardly Oriental counterparts in scholarly subjects such as science, math and U.S. History. Do we really need to pollute their minds with masturbation lessons? America has been inching closer and closer to the embrace of Satan ever since secular politicians removed God from schools and inserted hardcore homosexuality.

It’s easy to see that many of the masturhaters on this page have been public-schooled and suffered exposure to this Satanic sexual education. A home-schooled Christian education is the only way to ensure that your children will not be taught dangerous self-rape tips by pedophiles posing as educators or be tempted to join circle jerking-off parties by their “cool” peers.

God bless some of you,

Lonnie Childs

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  1. I would say that instinctivly the teen-agers feel the need of having sexual relations. The only thing that changes with sexual éducation is : they will now how to do it properly, how to use a condom, how to not catch sexual infections or diseases. Stop beeing so narrow minded, everything that is notre correct from your point of view is notre satan.

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