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BigLarry works at LonnieDale Farms, a wholesome and christian establishment that provides nutritious cat milk to all of our followers. Big and Bold, Larry doesn’t mess around when it comes to Jesus, and he doesn’t let anyone mess with Lonnie. Praise.

One Woman’s Trash, Area Man’s Treasure

January 25, 2017 5

Joe Harris, like many other residents of Safford, has been struggling for years to keep his business afloat during the Obama administration. What he needed, he always felt, was a mascot for his restaurant to […]

Hollywood Blockbuster offers a Warning to Masturbators

September 24, 2014 10

Hollywood, CA – Leaked footage cut from the finished Left Behind, this year’s anticipated blockbuster Christian film from director Vic Armstrong and starring Nicolas Cage, apparently shows Cage masturbating for a full 12 minutes prior […]

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