About Kenneth Day
Kenneth Day got his start doing The Lord's Work at a small church in Chandler, Arizona. He quickly rose through the ranks of his church and got the attention of several anti-masturbation crusaders who have enlisted his various talents. When Ken is not devoting his time to helping Lonnie's cause as well as other alternative religious organizations, he works as a video game reviewer.
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Big Masturbation Beer Removed From Shelves In Chicago

April 10, 2015 4

Anti-masturbation achieved a small victory recently when a pro-masturbation beer funded by Big Masturbation was removed from the shelves of a Chicago liquor store. The beer in question, “Happy Ending”, being marketed by SweetWater Brewing […]

3 Simple Ways To Be A Man

April 9, 2015 16

I’ve met a lot of men over the years that claim to be “real men” but none have compared to Brother Lonnie Childs. I was able to briefly meet Brother Lonnie during a faith conference […]

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