About Leonard Chimball, Jr.

Leonard Chimball, Jr., PhD is a licensed Psychologist and works as faculty on the BLUFF Arizona staff. Dr. Chimball divides his time directing the transportation and importing of new students to BLUFF, teaching classes in behavioral FaithFacts, and as a practicing psychotherapist.

Introducing Masturbators Anonymous: The 12 Steps

July 26, 2014 30

-Stop Masturbation NOW, Safford, AZ Increasingly, masturbation is being seen as the sinful addiction disease that it is, and recovery programs across the world are being created to address the needs of the self-rapists who […]

Masturbation Linked to Higher Crime Rates

July 15, 2014 6

Safford, AZ   Breaking news from the groundbreaking think tank Foundation For a Better Tomorrow. Masturbation has been seen to have a direct causation into incarceration rates and criminal activity. The study was done over […]