Leonard Chimball, Jr.
About Leonard Chimball, Jr.
Leonard Chimball, Jr., PhD is a licensed Psychologist and works as faculty on the BLUFF Arizona staff. Dr. Chimball divides his time directing the transportation and importing of new students to BLUFF, teaching classes in behavioral FaithFacts, and as a practicing psychotherapist.

New Research Demonstrates Obama Masturbates More Than Any Other President

July 28, 2014 27

Safford, AZ-

 In groundbreaking research released today, it was proven that President Barack Obama masturbates more than any other President. The independent research think tank Foundation For a Better Tomorrow detailed months of research that found that the 44th President masturbates at double the rate of the next high-masturbation President.

“We have always known Obama to be a sinful, nefarious creature, and now we have the proof that he is himself a prolific self-rapist.” Said Lonald “Lonnie” Childs, the head of Stop […]

Introducing Masturbators Anonymous: The 12 Steps

July 26, 2014 30

-Stop Masturbation NOW, Safford, AZ

Increasingly, masturbation is being seen as the sinful addiction disease that it is, and recovery programs across the world are being created to address the needs of the self-rapists who are destroying their lives as well as the lives of their families. To this end, the organization Masturbators Anonymous (MA) has been created.

Masturbation for many, begins with the biological response to a bodily sensation, that quickly degenerates into a life of crime, disease and filth. Eventually if they […]

The Top 5 Things You Need To Tell Your Child About Masturbation

July 18, 2014 183

-Safford, AZ

Masturbation is a terrible disease and a depraved, sinful act. The below are critical “tips” for parents of any age. As we know, children may begin to explore their sin zones and masturbating at any age- watch them. Watch them closely. You never know when Satan enters your household and whenever a child masturbates, they do it under the influence of the dark lord- it is not a natural, godly act. In these moments, Lucifer himself is using your […]

Masturbation Linked to Higher Crime Rates

July 15, 2014 6

Safford, AZ


Breaking news from the groundbreaking think tank Foundation For a Better Tomorrow. Masturbation has been seen to have a direct causation into incarceration rates and criminal activity. The study was done over a multi-year period, supervised by the best Faith Scientists on the BLUFF campus.


It seems as though FaithFacts have now proved that the act of self-rape is not only incestuous and an act of homosexuality, it is a leading cause of crime in the United States.

Funding was derived […]

Ways To Abstain From The Sin of Masturbation

July 6, 2014 20

It is a known fact that masturbation is a top-ten cause of serious disease, as well as an act of incest and a act of homosexuality. As dictated by the Lord’s prophet on earth Lonald “Lonnie” Childs, we must not only abstain completely from masturbation, we much preach abstinence to all and illuminate them to the dangers of it and save their souls from this terrible affliction. As we go about our missions, we must abstain ourselves and to this […]

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