CORONA-19 is a nefarious global plot by Big Masturbation to quarantine everyone indoors with nothing else to do all day but play with their sin zones! TRUMP made America Great Again® but the socialist DEMONcrats want to make America ‘Bate Again! Don’t let Satan and his evil minions win! STOP Masturbation NOW! Praise!

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Hello, my name is Lonald "Lonnie" Childs and I am the founder and president of the STOP Masturbation NOW anti-masturbation movement. Please visit my Facebook page here, and my unaccredited institution of higher learning here,
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10 Comments on CORONA-19 HOAX

  1. What the fuck is this website? “Big masturbation?” Grow the fuck up, people have been masturbating for millions of years. You fuckin’ Trump supporters are idiots, there is nothing you can do to stop people from masturbating. You and your little cult should to “stop” people from doing something else they are free to do. You can’t stop masturbation.

    • Though I don’t agree with your language, I also believe that masturbators are mentally handicapped and probably should perish outdoors! Thank you for your support, brother! Praise!

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