Childs Youth abduct Micheal Bay.

June 16, 2014 0

HOLLYWOOD- CALIFORNIA (SMNNN) The religious activism organization of children “Childs Youth”, (named for our savior Lonald Childs), released a statement today saying they have converted noteable homogay,  Micheal Bay (Director of many blockbuster films, such […]

Kim Jong Un Teams Up With Snoop Dogg

June 13, 2014 3

(STOPMasturbationNOW)– Kim Jong Un has achieved yet another level of mass mind control success after closing a music deal with Snoop Doggy Dogg to release a mind control song and take over all of North […]

Victims Gallery: June 1st – June 9th 2014

June 12, 2014 0

SAFFORD, AZ — (SMMNN) It is with a heavy heart that I am tasked with this update to this holy netsite documenting the latest victims gallery of masturbation casualties. As previously reported by my esteemed colleague, Erich […]

Jonah Hill issues apology to Lonnie Childs

June 10, 2014 3

LIBERAL HOLLYWOOD, CA (SMNNN) Professional weight loss advocate and part time actor, Jonah Hill told the media that he lost his cool with a masturbator and is completely devastated that he did not work harder […]

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