The Morning After…For the Masturbation Addict

August 9, 2014 18

“What happened last night?  Did I get selfraped? Who do I turn to?” Turn to Christ, young masturbator!  Take the STOP Masturbation NOW pledge of self-celibacy today!  Praise!

3 Scare Films With Horrifying Masturbation Scenes

August 7, 2014 11

Typically, when lazy Hollywood filmmakers need something shocking to add to their film, they’ll add explosions, kill off one of their actors or introduce fake characters via digital technology. More refined filmmakers have been known to […]

New Sex Toys Allow Wifi Masturbation

August 5, 2014 23

A New Hampshire-based company run by sinful females has introduced new sex toys using wifi technology. The toys, designed to allow two or more users to mutually masturbate themselves, blur the line between masturbation and […]

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