Masturbation Left Me Deformed!

September 26, 2014 10

  Today, normals of the faithful flock, I’m going to introduce you to Bryce*.  At first glance, Bryce seems Normal enough:  He’s a Caucasian male, early thirties, has a good job at a PR firm, […]

It’s never too early to save their soul

September 24, 2014 11

The FaithFact Engineers have finally solved the age old dilemma of how to teach your infant not to masturbate. With this effective, yet stylishly functional centerpiece, you can proudly display your self-rape free Christian values […]

Hands-on Method to Detect Self-Rape

September 23, 2014 6

Hey there Normals of the faithful flock!  Do you fear handshakes in public because masturbators with their spooge-covered hands are all around us?  Are you tired of constantly doing moisture checks on your SRAS to […]

Pioneers In Anti-Masturbation, Episode One

September 19, 2014 9

Preventing masturbation is a cause that has been championed throughout history by many great normals. Among the outstanding members of this fraternity of morality and decency, one man stuck out like a sore-thumb, and eventually, […]

How to Take a Proper Shower

August 11, 2014 14

We’ve all heard the old saying, “Cleanliness is next to Lonnieliness.”. I am going to walk you through the simple steps that I take to properly wash my female form in the shower. It’s so simple […]

Karate for Perverts

August 1, 2014 3

Masturbation is a same-sex sex-act that one performs on themselves. By doing so, you touch the sex organ of your own gender and become so aroused that you climax. This conditions the body and mind […]

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