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Self-Rape Prevention – Page 8 – Stop Masturbation Now


July 3, 2014 82

The goal of masturbation is to achieve climax alone by stimulating ones genitals combined one of the following rape methods. 1.) Fantasizing about another person or person(s). In doing this you are raping that person. […]

Faces of Masturbation

June 30, 2014 22

(STOP MASTURBATION NOW NEWS) — Perhaps you’ve heard of it. A woman in your family or close circle of friends is pregnant and ecstatic to share the news. You watch in awe as her belly […]

Brother Nikita Shalavin on How Masturbation Leads to Rape

June 21, 2014 9

“Masturbation slowly eliminates the person’s own boundaries and constraints.  Most healthy people want to masturbate and also have sex, but don’t/cannot.  By indulging in masturbation, you are conditioning the body to always get what it […]

TheRev’s Daddy tip of the day

May 22, 2014 2

Real Dad’s sneak into his daughters room while she is sleeping to sniff her fingers to see if she is spelunking in Satan’s SinCave. It is your job to keep her from safe from self […]

How to Avoid a Masturbator

May 20, 2014 8

Masturbators are often full of diseases and have criminal intent.     Here is how to avoid one:    

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