Germany Routs Mexico 7-1

July 8, 2014 18

(Stop Masturbation Now)— Germany today routed the Mexican state of Brazil 7-1 in soccer. Germans, using a combination of preserving precious bodily fluids and using only Caucasians proved too much for the very dark skinned […]

SMN World Cup Preview Group B

June 13, 2014 1

(Stop Masturbation NOW Sports)–Yesterday we previewed world cup Soccer group A . Today we are going to preview group B.   AUSTRALIA Australia is a bunch of criminal island Mexicans. They can’t get mammals right […]

SMN World Cup Preview Group A

June 10, 2014 4

(Stop Masturbation NOW Sports)–Soccer was invented when all real sports were so dominated by Americans that all other countries needed to find something to be good at. So they put all of their combined resources […]

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