The FaithFacts are in: Tattoos are a Sin.

July 12, 2014 16

To Tattoo or Not To? FaithFacts™, Tattoos and You SAFFORD, ARIZ. – Today, there is lots of peer pressure to “get inked.” Everyone, from perky middle school students to “brodudes” to auto mechanics to soccer moms […]

How To Spot a Masturbator

July 3, 2014 221

Most normal people wash their hands as a way to stay clean and prevent the spread of harmful germs.  When using the restroom, a normal person will wash their hands upon entering the restroom, so […]

How to Avoid a Masturbator

May 20, 2014 8

Masturbators are often full of diseases and have criminal intent.     Here is how to avoid one:    

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