9/11 Was an Inside Handjob

September 11, 2014 17

  Today, we mark the 13th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks which brought this nation to its knees (homogays were already there, of course). Like the Kennedy Assassination, we all remember where we […]

Masturbation Poisons Groundwater

September 10, 2014 2

Danvers ME-(SMNNN) Elementary school students of Danvers, Maine have tested at an all-time low, and masturbation is to blame, say new studies done by B.L.U.F.F. Aqua-management Surveying Division. Masturbation Film Residue Particles, or MFRPs, as […]

Three Ways To Die

September 6, 2014 3

Don’t Masturbate, it’s a Sin. God Bless, TheRev Leroy Jenkins

Brother Lonnie’s Ethnic Community Outreach

August 1, 2014 11

There’s been a lot of hateful and just plain wrong comments directed at this holy netsite and Brother Lonnie in particular regarding baseless claims of racism. I am shocked, hurt, outraged, appalled and shocked by […]

Karate for Perverts

August 1, 2014 3

Masturbation is a same-sex sex-act that one performs on themselves. By doing so, you touch the sex organ of your own gender and become so aroused that you climax. This conditions the body and mind […]

SMN Hot Sauce Review

July 11, 2014 10

  All loving parents want to raise their children in a masturbation free household and make sure their children grow up free of: sin, STDs, pregnancy and the gay. We all know to remove bedroom […]

A Normals Handy Guide to Tipping

July 11, 2014 9

By: TheRev Leroy Jenkins HOMERVILLE, OH – (BLUFF Press, LLC.) Thanks to  liberal media funded by Big Masturbation and funded by The DHS us Normals have had the HomoGay™ Pro-Masturbation Agenda shoved down our throats […]

Grand Opening: Childs Youth Procreation Adventure Theme Park

July 9, 2014 85

A new procreation-themed learning park for Christian children will open Friday at Brother Lonnie’s University of Faith Facts compound resort in Arizona. Childs Youth Procreation Adventure is designed specifically for children as young as 3 to learn about the dangers of […]

MADD-New deadly strain of Masturbation

July 9, 2014 21

By: TheRev Leroy Jenkins El Cajon, CA — DHS Press Release: A deadly new strain of masturbation is killing pot-weed injection addicts across the nation, they are calling it Masturbation Addiction Dementia Death, MADD,  and […]

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