Anti-Masturbation Victory; Kari Byron To Leave ‘Mythbusters’ ScLIEnce Show


Discovery channel scLIEnce program, “Mythbusters”, took a controversial step by firing three cast members, including masturbator favorite Kari Byron. The official version of the story given by the network and the cast members was that the show will be “going in a new direction” next season.

Kari Byron
Thankfully, this kind of soft core porn mixed with scLIEnce will no longer sully the Discovery Channel.

Fans of the scLIEnce program took to social networking to express their sadness for Byron, along with fellow “build team” members Grant Imahara and Tory Belleci, appearing in their final episode of the program. The average male response to Byron’s Tweet announcing her departure from the show ranged from “Noooooooo!” to claims they would “no longer watch (Mythbusters)”. With no reason to watch the channel any longer, the average masturbator will no longer be exposed to any of the scLIEnce programming aired there.

Faith Researcher Albert Wright summed this development up well, “This is a huge victory for the anti-masturbation movement. Not only is a masturbation icon leaving the public eye, but this also hurts the greater scLIEnce movement by no longer having a captive audience of masturbators to spread their lies to. Praise Him for the miracle He has worked.”

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16 Comments on Anti-Masturbation Victory; Kari Byron To Leave ‘Mythbusters’ ScLIEnce Show

    • Hi Liam, the legal definition of “rape” requires there to have been penial penetration so at worst they would have been sexually abusing themselves but again that would require the act to be unwillfull which is impossible.

      But thanks for taking the time anyway…

  1. I actually can’t work out if this site is a joke or not? It’s either a brilliantly executed joke or sign of the sad state that humanity finds itself in…

  2. this will also certainly lower the possibility and intensity of Bay area earthquakes as well,if only this could’ve happened a few days agowe could have saved a few fragile relics and picture frames from total destruction. I can now once again watch the Discovery Channel without fear of relapse! praise Lonnie!

  3. I for one am happy that they are getting rid of that gender traitor, POC race traitor and especially that cishet white male scum. Science shows should be about science and postmodernism, not humor or fap material for atheist neckbeards living in their mom’s basement. Why was Kari sexually objectifying herself like that?! FHM?! Seriously? What is next? Playboy? Met-Art? Hustler? *pukes*

  4. Doesn’t matter if she stays or leaves, I will continue watching it and loving every second that they prove your shit wrong. Seriously. Give me some real evidence god exists *not in the bible as it is thousands of years old and is translated like 50 times and it is meant to be taken in a emotional sense, not litterally* being a Christian, I believe there is a god! but there is no real evidence him existing. Like, no one has any connection to get him/her to actually prove it’s existence. No one has evidence of it speaking of such. Prove it “faith facts”
    Faith facts- 0
    Real science- 1
    May god give you strength to learn new things, you trolls

  5. Oh Cathy I can’t get you out of my mind! I want to have an orgy with you and Lonnie and Carlos Danger! Please come and drain me of all of my semen so that I won’t have these urges! I just can’t stop touching my sin stick when I look at your picture!

  6. I’ve gotta agree with James… this has to be some kinda joke… there’s no way anyone could be serious about all this. And these news stories that pop up are ridiculous, and so is that anti-masturbation cross. What sane parent would strap their child to that at night? And for God’s sake people, there’s nothing wrong with science, or Mythbusters, or any of the people on it. And btw, race traitor? Gender traitor? White male scum? It sounds like if this isn’t a joke, you guys are a bunch of bigots. And before you say I’m just some atheist a-hole attacking your faith, you should know that I am a biology major attending a Baptist university. And I go to church every Sunday, but have never heard anything quite so ridiculous as this nonsense.God bless you all, and I hope you get over whatever mental illness you have

    • Locke, your big issues seem to be the “race traitor / gender traitor / white male scum” comments that were from a visitor to the comments section of this site.

      Whether or not they agree with the sentiment that removing Byron and her ilk from the show was a good move – I, writer of this article, made no such claims and merely reported on the faith fact that Ms. Byron not being on television any longer will be a benefit to the anti-masturbation and faith science communities.

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