BLUFF Calls for a Boycott of the New Star Wars Movie

Brother Lonnie’s University of Faith Facts (BLUFF), along with the N.A.A.W.P., has announced a boycott and will schedule protests of the new Star Wars movie on the grounds that it discriminates against Self Celibate Normals.

In a press release issued by the B.L.U.F.F. Legal Action Foundation (BLUFF-LAF), Brother Lonnie Childs’ words were made public:

“We at BLUFF have announced a boycott of the new Star Wars Movie.

“Strange and peculiar skin toned individuals, who by definition self rape frequently and with tremendous vigour, are portrayed in a manner that equates their social status with that of Normals, or those that have taken the vow of self celibacy.

“In the past, the role of Landry Callriisum was tolerated as was the voice over of the main antagonist, Darth Vadar, by an abnormal named James Earl Jones. These characters, while repulsive and used for training purposes at BLUFF Home Schools, were understood to be another face slap from profit seeking studio executives, many of whom belong to a faith that disavows our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. These peoples are known by the two-triangular patterns adorning their houses of false worship.

“The overwhelming nature of the anti-Normal discrimination can be seen in multitude in this new film. Abnormals of unsavory and tribal skin tones are shown with tremendous frequency, far more than BLUFF standards permit. FaithFacts have concluded skin of abnormal pigment is a result of self rape.

“Because of this, targeted demonstrations of theaters presenting this adhorrent movie have been scheduled by BLUFF members in coalition with the National Association for the Advancement of White Persons.

“Normals should not have to raise their children in a society where such filth is cheered, much less become a cultural event.”

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Please bookmark this web page for more news and information about times and locations of the demonstrations.

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  1. Self rape is fun ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????☹️?☹️??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  2. Hello I have some big issues with ur article “brother Lonnie”
    1. Just because a new main hero in a series may be a different race isn’t a sin. Personally I think Finn is the best sw character out there.
    2. Jesus clearly states in the bible that God and him want every race to respect and to care for one another. It doesn’t matter if ur skin color iswhite, black, pink, blue or red.
    3 grow the fuck up

  3. Every race? You racist! There are no races, only people with different hue of skin. Some with normal skin, others with sin-blackened abnormal one.

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