Bruce Danus Saves Top Gear from the KOK River

Jeremy Clarkson is a Black Anus due to his racism.
The crew of Top Gear, before being saved by me.
The crew of Top Gear, before being saved by me.

A British show about bad motor vehicles, called “Top Gear”, recently traveled to my favorite Third World Country, Thailand/Burma. They ran into many issues, because Jeremy Clarkson is a racist. We all need to pray at Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May.

While I hate these 3 humans, mainly due to their Britishness, I love the Television moving picture show, because they only show gas guzzling amazing vehicles. They seem to love American cars, so they are part of the accepted group of Brits.

Top Gear shows us cars that poor folks can't buy.
Top Gear shows us cars that poor folks can’t buy.

I ran across them in a Third World Country called Thailand though, and I helped them build a bridge over a river called “Kok”. Obviously, the Commies in Thailand named this river after a penis, and it is our job to build a bridge over penises. I am just glad that I could hire my Asians to help them build a bridge over the Kok river.

I did all of this, while planning my brother’s wedding, and with a .50cal gunshot in my foot. I wish more of you loved Lonnie as much as me.

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Bruce Danus is a lifelong lover of Jesus and different types of cheeses. He has saved thousands of souls from burning in Hell, by riding public transportation and preaching the word of God and Lonnie Childs. He has traveled to many Third World Countries like Detroit and East L.A. to save masturbators from Double Hell, and bring them clean water.
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  1. I have never seen The Top Gears because we do not have cable TV in the campound. I like the local access channel and my favorite show is the Prayer and Praise with Lonnie Childs Hour.

    • Oh yeah, fix your mobile support, I have to use my tablet because my wife has to use my computer because her computer broke. Oh it would also help if you didn’t lie about a gunshot, you wouldn’t be able to work with .50 caliber gunshot wound.

    • The Britishers are a disgusting species. At one time, they owned the world and all it’s inhabitants. Then the worst possible scenario happened. They turned into whiney, whinging LIEberals and gave those countries back to their rightful owners. Spinless fools!

  2. I’m British. This website and the filth you espouse is beyond any rational comprehension. Please tell me it’s sarcasm! If it isn’t then, if there is a God (which there isn’t by the way) he’s shaking his head for making someone so despicably stupid. The sooner people like you are off this planet, the better.

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