Jennifer Lawrence and “The Fappening”: Harlot Alert!


Harlot responsible for 2014's "The Fappening"

Seeking cheap internet fame, Hollywood harlot Jennifer Lawrence released several naked and nude photographs of herself and other celebrities in order to get online losers to masturbate themselves into a tizzy.  Friends, I urge you all to see these pictures for yourself in order to fully comprehend the dangers and immorality involved.  Please send all women and children out of the room before following this Not Safe For Women (NSFW) link.

These are trying times for our Godly movement, but fear not.  STOP Masturbation NOW computer engineers have been working tirelessly around the clock to remove this filth from the World Wideweb.  In short order, these images will be deleted permanently, never to be seen again.  Praise!







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Hello, my name is Lonald "Lonnie" Childs and I am the founder and president of the STOP Masturbation NOW anti-masturbation movement. Please visit my Facebook page here, and my unaccredited institution of higher learning here,
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25 Comments on Jennifer Lawrence and “The Fappening”: Harlot Alert!

  1. Praise! I pray at the families of these poor over worked computer engineers as they must miss their loved ones as they save us from this evil. I hope they can soon return to their normal same race families once this tragedy is over.

  2. oh lonnie, i *knew* i could count on you to handle this depraved situation personally! you truly are the light of our lives, praise!!

  3. Laughing Out Loud on the Internet if these brazen hussies think I’m going to touch myself while looking at their pictures!

    • You should jack off! It’s a blast especially in bathrooms of churches! Happy Fapening!!! Also I guarantee you choke the chicken all the time!

  4. As a FORMER masterbator I can ensure all of you that masturbation is NOT a “victim-less” crime. You are hurting your spiritual self and are setting yourself up to become a future sexual predator. Have faith in our lord and savior Jesus Christ, help him HELP YOU to end your suffering. I’m praying at you all.

  5. You crazed idiots think she would do that to herself for fame!? She just like all the other women were hacked and their information was stolen from them.

  6. Oh and hi Truffle and Milton I thought about you two all weekend while I wanked myself silly. Did you have a nice long weekend Truffle or did your extended family keep your orifices busy? I sure hope that they don’t ruin your cunt because I’m really looking forward to taking a ride on the town bicycle!


  7. And please let jasper centaur know that I’m about to pass him on the prayer leaderboard amd when I do I’m going to teabag him once I’m on top!

  8. Lonnie I wasn’t trying to intimidate I was trying to educate. And when can we (you carlos danger milton truffle and cathy redmond) get together and play with each other’s sin sticks? Not the girls of course they will be fluffers and cleaners.


  9. Wow you are all very ignorant and closed minded. I am disgusted looking at this website. This poor girl trusted these photos with someone she thought she could trust and that she loved, it’s not her fault they were leaked. This article is wrong I am disspaointed anyone could spread rumors that she would do something like this to herself. She’s not a harlot she’s actually a very talented actress and a lovely person.

  10. How would you know what she is like in real life? She plays characters. One character was a nympho in Silver Linings Playbook and another character was Smurfette, in X-Men.

  11. actually if any of you pay attention. she didn’t give these to anyone. she didn’t release them. a very skilled hacker broke into her computer stole them and released them and this is very damaging to her career.
    i give kudos to tina and to feel free to fap for actually defending the poor actress while the rest of you degenerates viciously attack her in your absolute ignorance. educate yourselves you fools.
    learn something
    dont just jump on the bandwagon

  12. I jacked off 9 times to those pics even jacked off in church on Sunday. I love “mentally rapeing” people. Even jacked off to a picture of saint Mary’s boob in the church bathroom!

  13. I bet everyone who saw these pics at least touched themselves. I came all across my wife’s chest and son’s eye

  14. you sick scum claim you’re religious yet you look at inappropriate pictures that some stupid bitches posted during a moment of weakness. you will all burn in quadruple hell motherfuckers

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