Say “NO” To Pornographics!

A recent survey shows 85 percent of rapes and molestations are reenactments of a porn video/DVD. This means every time someone downloads an internet pornographic, there is an 85 percent chance that it will eventually result in a rape or molestation of a child. 

It's not normal to give kids beer to help them "relax" - but on masturbation, it is.
It’s not normal to give kids beer to help them “relax” – but on masturbation, it is.

If you, or someone you know, is hurting children with masturbation please call (888) 276-6760 (operators are standing by).


This message of hope was brought to you by the Homogay Conversion Offices of Doctor Nikita Shalavin


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I used to live a lie. I was a leader of a Russian Prison Homogang and have once put a 12 gauge shotgun inside of myself on a dare. Brother Lonnie has saved my soul and shown me a new way to live.

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    • You are a racist fuck and I hope god gives you the strength to not be the bigot, but I wouldn’t be surprised if even he/she could heal you

  1. I masturbate very regularly like everyday maybe twice and i havent gave any kids beer, i guess i must be the chosen one 😉

    • Praise be to Jake McFappen! Please contact Lonnie to set up a date for you to provide the sermon at our next campound retreat and hot-dish gathering.

  2. Im Masturbateing while reading this save meeeee I don’t wanna rape a baby seriously this shi is stupidity at its finest

    • Your masturbatory lifestyle is already exhibiting itself in poor spelling. Your mind has already started its long slow decline into decrepitude. Your next step in the unholy fapist decline is to suffer an uncomfortable chafing of your thighs and loss of control in your wrists. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

    • Mr. Streeter, your eloquence made me weep. I agree with you wholeheartedly, but until we are able to ban the sale of baby oil and Vaseline, I’m afraid we’ll be surrounded by a fapist state filled with unholy self-rapists.

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