Sign Our Petition to Get American Actor Hugh Jackman to Change His Offensive Name

christian-bale-300(StopMasturbationNOW)—This is a reminder that we need more signatures to force American actor Hugh Jackman to change his offensive name. As of noon 6/12/2015 we have had 753,252 signatures which is over 75% of the needed one million required to force a name change.

Our children are bombarded with anti family values messages everyday and the last thing we parents need to worry about is the name of an actor appearing subliminally in movie credits.

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62 Comments on Sign Our Petition to Get American Actor Hugh Jackman to Change His Offensive Name

    • This is really funny. I’m gonna vote and then fap to the Wolverine-movies. I hope ol’ Hugh punishes me 🙂

  1. I will pray that he realize the offensive nature of his name and change it immediately. Also, that he have his parents committed for purposely giving him the name. I will also pray at all those who seek to push Big Masturbation agenda.

  2. I pray that you morons never breed! I don’t think Christian Bale appreciate having his picture smacked on your mind-boggling stupid page any more than I think the Australian actor Hugh Jackman likes having to deal with idiotic claims that his name is offensive. Don’t you screwballs have better things to do than harass people?
    I pray you all get a brain!

  3. Although I am but a lowly woman, I too believe that this Hugh Jackman person, an American, should change his name. But with such evil movies to his name such as ‘The Newsies’, and ‘Les Miserables’, which are in and of themselves assaults on good, christian values, I would not have confidence that he agrees with our cause against masturbation. And what about ‘Shaft’ and ‘Swordfish’!!! He cares not about the ravenously sexual message he sends!!! I’ll bet he actually masturbates on himself. O_O The horror of this cannot even be contemplated.

    Though I cannot sign this, I am with you in spirit!!!

  4. Seriously? Why don’t you people stop putting so much effort into such idiotic things? Like who the hell cares. Why don’t u do something useful with your time. I know people named dick smith. Or Tammy Babcock. Why I have an idea let’s just ban people naming their children all together. Heaven forbid they might come up with a name that might offend someone. Why don’t you go read a book, or learn something? Or you could un brainwash yourselves. Does it ever occur to you people that someone may get offended by being told their name is wrong. Do u really think your going to win the “war” on people getting themselves off? You think this is the best ste, changing a person’s name? Get a grip on reality people. Unless you remove the hands of every person on planet earth, you will ultimately fail. Go find some better use of your life. Go pray for people who jerk off 5 tines a day. This will do nothing and you literally are making a joke of society. I pray that you all get your heads checked and move on to something more important. Take all that wasted time and go cure cancer. Or convert some people to religion. Don’t sit here and think changing some actors name will make a .00002% impact on your cause. Go make a difference. In fact I pray you all go make a difference in someone’s life that will appreciate it.

  5. I am sure you are good people who mean well, but so have other people in history meant well, when it really has’nt brought any good. Like the British when they first came to America and wanted to move the Native Americans by force.. Anyway, I think you mean well but you should maybe work more local, teach your kids how to be good people and what you think of as good values. Great!
    I’ll give you some pointers why so many people react negative to this cause 1. You need to do more reasearch, your petitions picture is of american actor Christian Bale (the one who played Batman), in no relation to AUSTRALIAN actor Hugh Jackman. HUGH is an old English firstname og German ancestry form the word “hug”, no sexual with the first name. And Jackman is also a multiple decande old English surname, where Jack is an English adaptaion to the frensh name Jaque. I could go on, NO SEXUAL MEANING! I learnt this form a quick googlesearch. Good information is key.
    2. Don’t sexualize and ban all things that might sound sexual. It’s not, i’ts childish!
    Yes we live in a time where most things are sexualized, but if you encourage LOVE instead, there is no problem.
    I will pray that God gives you the love and enlightenment that you need and deserve 🙂

    • Actually Christian bale is British Ben affleck is the first American in years to be a live screen batman

  6. Why can’t women vote? You are all bloody pretentious. Do us all a favour and just do something useful with your lives. It’s really sad and pathetic to see you going on like this. No offence but I think more sensible people should be praying for you, because all you in favour of the name chance seem pretty immature and narrow minded. ✌️

  7. You people need to quit worrying about this kind of shit! When their are more important things in the country. Like starving children, failing education system and a crumbling infrastructure. That could be helped by the money. You stupid ignorant Christians waste on shit like this. If I wasted my time praying. I would, but I’m not going to waste my time on you sheep.

  8. The only thing ridiculous about this post is that you all fell for it. I’ve never seen a more obvious internet joke.

  9. What is so wrong with name Hugh? I mean, yeah it can mistaken for “you” sometimes, but really!

  10. What I want to know is: why are you so against masturbation? Is it because you couldn’t find pleasure like everyone else can? No that would be too easy. It’s because you were abused weren’t you? Most likely by your mother by the symptoms you have displayed in your posts. Did she catch you experimenting with your self and physically punish you because her little boy was growing up? She must have treated you like a baby and kept you imprisoned inside while all the other kids played outside, and mother assured you that “you will make it into heaven”, and “he will always keeps an eye on you.” Knowing that everyday your mother’s voice echoes in your head, making you believe that this the only passage into heaven, so that you pass your psychotic tendencies to everyone else, saying to yourself I’m not alone anymore I’ll make others go there with me, but I’m sorry we here who criticize you have something called a brain and we use it to think. Awwww…… What’s the matter did I strike a little to close to home, oh I’m so sorry for exposing your little wimpy and infantile thinking to the rest of the world. Oh, poor baby! was that your last place to hide yourself. Well there is one place left to be and that is at the gates of the ultimate judge. So either kill yourself or I will assure that I may do the favor myself, although I do not like to get my hands dirty. Who am I, you may ask, why that is not important but to keep this in mind while you pass into the afterlife, I am worse than Satan. I don’t waist time filling people with these supposed urges. I will actually make your worst nightmare come true!

  11. SEX SELLS!!! – I’ve often wondered how long it’d take before the voice of reason and common sense took hold in America to rid our culture of these actors & actresses who use stage names that are clearly sexual references. Does nobody care for the little children any more? Children today are typically introduced to porn by age 8, and they are surrounded by our sick sexualized culture who promote our young innocent children as sex objects. I’ve signed this petition… will you do the same? Anyone who refuses to do so is a pedophile.

  12. I love masterbating , it feels so good , just last night I masterbated on the bible , the pages are now Sticky

  13. His name is his personal liberty. Also women are equal to men in every way and can sign petitions. You guys are crazy. Like, masturbation is normal and I bet you masturbate while using this website.

  14. anyone who signed this is an idiotic fox news watcher. plus how is his name offensive, and you have the wrong actor all over this. plus i doubt that you can make him change his name.

  15. Dumbest thing I’ve ever read. Force him to change his name? Really. Omg… Ok all named Richard must also because of their nickname.. I came here because it just seemed too dumb to be real but look at this.. Wow… I think my 4 year old has a higher iq than most combined .. Fun read though

  16. You guys are fucking iidiots lovi g in a bubble if god is real i wouldnt doubt he would bitch slap each and everyone of you

  17. Number 1, that’s not Hugh Jackman, that’s Christian Bale. Number 2, Hugh Jackman is Australian. That. Is. All.

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  19. Why does society force pornographic movies like Batman onto our youth? Forgive me Lord Lonald for the profanity. Praise on high.

  20. Are you fuckers retarded or something? It’s just a name. Stop making a big fucking deal out of it.
    Do something reasonable like making a petition to get Donald Trump removed from the elections.

  21. As a devout Christine I applaud your tiresome work trying to cure good, firm, upstanding, muscly youths from pleasuring themselves over and over and over. As an American and Star of the Leathal Weapon movies Hugh, I cannot bring myself to finger my keyboard with his dirtiness, should apologise, change his name and stick to what he knows best.

  22. Uh, asshats…the photo above is Christian Bale, not Hugh Jakeman. And Hugh is NOT an American actor, he is Australian…

  23. hahaha, the actor in the photos is Christian Bale, you are voting to change his name “Christian”??? jajajaja

  24. Thank God for this website! Literally. They are trying to save everyone’s souls from damnation! I can’t believe how people are reacting. I see people with that masturbation gaze all the time. It’s worse than after doing drugs. The amount of time and money this costs society is mind boggling. This actor (I can’t even type that dirty name) should not have been let I to America. His movies should have been censored. We have countless children watching TV!

    • i know i just get so hard and i cant fight the temptation and just have to jack off so much every time i hear the name, my jizz is in like all over the house. i love just fucking cranking off a nasty one in the sink, but sometimes i get tired and sleep and wake back up to pound off another. i think changing Hugh Jackmen’s name would help my boners go away and my lust to fuck anything go away. my porn bills massive and i want to start smoking but cant afford to because of the damn porn on the google.

  25. What kind of people ‘pray’ against other people? A sad bunch you are. Perhaps if you all masturbated a little more, you’d have less psychological problems.

  26. I fucking just jacked off to a picture of a cactus that looked like a dumptruck doing the oscar meyer weiner mobile. after words me and my unmarried gay lover vomited all over or large portrait of john Hancock praising Fransisco Goya for all his works especially this one Would do it again for round 2 but blew my load at least 12 times today and need to drink more liqueur to repopulate my ballsss. Maybe tomorrow , #no-regrets #urethra #ipissedthebedlastnightanddontfeelbad.

  27. Hahaha wait what the fuck you are for serious? It’s his name you’re the ones who are turning into some kind of masturbation term. And even if you do get the signatures, he won’t change his name, and if you take him to court you will lose not just for your outrageous bullshit but for stupidity as well, I mean it’s clear you only care about the name as you think he’s American

  28. Don’t get me wrong, I support this website, but pressuring someone to change their name is not nice. There are fruits called Jackfruits; should we petition to call them something else instead? There are several names for fruit, but this man was given only one.
    Please let him keep it.

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