Nativity in Blackface

Example of someone dressed as Santa Claus in Black-Face

The holiday season is upon us once again. Like always, secularists and masturbators are trying to distract everyone from the true meaning of Christmas. Unfortunately, this very holy and wonderful holiday is being tarnished by racism once again.

Although the true meaning of Christmas is becoming more of a rumor than anything else, it is important to remember what Christmas is all about. Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, who (as we all know) was half Jewish and half Caucasian. Yes, Jesus’s mother was Jewish. Get over it!

Unfortunately, there are those who like nothing else than to force their own twisted beliefs upon good Christian people. Lately, these racists have been incorporating something into Christmas that has not been seen in years past and is actually forbidden by our culture of tolerance. People are actually doing Christmas in “Black-Face!!!!”

As you know, the satanic pop group “Black Sabbath” popularized the idea of a “Nativity in Blackface” during the 1970s and their racist anthem has been gaining popularity ever since.

These racists are dressing up like Santa Claus, but doing so in black-face. Nativity scenes are also being displayed in black-face. It’s as if these racists have no boundaries as to what they are willing to desecrate.

I strongly urge you, the reader, to do something about this. The next time you see a “Black Santa” or a Nativity Scene in front of someone’s house where the baby Jesus, His mother and step-dad are in black-face, please take action. Below are some suggestions on how to take Christmas away from the racists:

  1. If you see a “Black Santa” throw some white paint on him and run after the man. If he becomes afraid and runs away, GOOD!!! He ought to know better than to portray Santa Clause like Al Jolson would.

    Racist entertainer, Al Jolson
    Racist entertainer, Al Jolson
  2. If you see a nativity scene where the characters have been painted black, burn it down! This is the easiest way to take care of the problem, and if push comes to shove, you can blame it on the lighting.
  3. If you attend a Christmas play, and one of the little kids has decided to portray his character with dark skin, march up to the stage and spank the child in full-view of everyone else. Especially his parents! You will know who the parents are because one or both of them will also be in black-face.
  4. If you see any Christmas Carolers in blackface, throw hot water on them and slam your door.

It’s time to take Christmas back!

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Liam McKey is a former combat veteran and owner of the only Vegan-Certified ranch in the United States. He has two normal teenage children with his same-race wife. Liam is active in the community of Safford, Arizona where he lives. Mr. McKey is an expert on teenage masturbation addiction and has many degrees from various non-accredited faith-based colleges.
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6 Comments on Nativity in Blackface

  1. Ok, seriously? No, X-mas is not for the birth if this so called “Jesus”. It’s a special time in the year where families can spend time with each other, and to strengthen bonds between each other. This so called “Jesus” is merely an illusion brought forth by mere crazy cultists. And stop masturbation? Masturbation has side effects, positive side effects, like: Relief, good mood, ETC.

    And you didn’t even focus on Masturbation. You focused on a group in which you call “Satanic”? Look, their was a satanic church opened up a long time ago, and no one reported the guy for “child rape”. And you are portraying yourself as racists as well. Spank a kid with black paint on his face? Seriously? And treat your fellow humans who do this like trash? You Christians need to learn the value of respect, even if someone is an Atheist, Cultist, Satanist, ETC., don’t push them down like you are doing…

    This is all I have to say, I am not here to Pray, I am an atheist. I’d rather not waste my time with being blinded by some faith in a guy in the sky.

  2. Shit , i shure fucking love masturbating. Ive heard God likes to watch. Haha nasty lil fucker.
    God is probaly the best of masturbation. I think God even gave birth to Jezus that way.
    Prob wanking his lil cock against maria

  3. i can fap and laugh to this win-win! are you really going to spank a child that isn’t yours? that may or may not be sexually harrassing a kid. and their parents too? that’s some naughty shit, m8….I just might have to spank you myself. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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