9 Comments on Doctors Don’t Want You to Know This One Simple Trick for Perfect Health!

  1. Doctors, minus Dr. Childs and a few others, are a pretty untrustworthy lot. They’ve been running scams for centuries now claiming their potions and concoctions “heal” people. However, it’s pretty obvious that being in control of one’s body and worshipping Jesus on the regular goes a lot further to a happy and healthy life than some chemicals some shadowy CIA shell corporation made to control the populace.

  2. I don’t know what the word “fap” refers to, but masturbation temptation is in the eyes of the beholder, whether it be a member of Brother Lonnie’s flock, or a sinner, such as yourself.

  3. Are you people really so sick? It is a shame that someone like you is part of menkind!
    You’re worse than any other religious fundamentalists. Just leave those poor kids alone!

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