Masturbation is Russian Roulette!

Heart attacks, blindness and ligament damage (Devil’s Elbow) are all diseases associated with self-rape.  Whenever you masturbate you’re playing Russian Roulette!  Your next stroke of the sin-sword or ringing of the Devil’s Doorbell could be your last!  Do you really want to go out like British rocker Michael Hutchinson or Oriental Kung-Fu fighter David Carradine?

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Hello, my name is Lonald "Lonnie" Childs and I am the founder and president of the STOP Masturbation NOW anti-masturbation movement. Please visit my Facebook page here, and my unaccredited institution of higher learning here,
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  1. That’s the reality of masturbation and the masturbators won’t give a second thought for the poor person that finds them. Selfish heathens!

    • You know what my favourite type of russian roulette is? A loaded single barreled shotgun shoved up your asses. So lets pull the trigger and see what happens.

  2. does any find this whole website like a histercal joke? its really funny and if u life by these old rules written by stone age peasants who didn’t have the understanding that earth goes around the sun, your doing your self a great disservice by living by ancient doctrine
    what makes your religion so sacred… what god do dolphins pray to? Science makes your life far better, in fact its the only way I am typing you this message right now. Science created the world wide web, Computers, Semi-conductors, ThE WHOLE FIELD of electronics No where in the BIBLE does it give you the manual of how to run WINDOWS and Create Software for these awesom machines and To deny science is to deny your ability to speak your mind right now.

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