Prostate Cancer And Other Masturbation Related Diseases


Aches, Heart Disease, Paralysis and Suicide: When sexual organs are handled it causes a rush of blood to these parts, and causes oxygen depletion in other organs of the body, because they are left with a less amount of blood than they ought to have. The sexual organs, too, are very closely connected with the spine and the brain by means of the nerves, and if they are handled, or if you keep thinking about them, these nerves get excited and become exhausted, and this makes the back ache, the brain heavy and the whole body weak. It lays the foundation for consumption, paralysis, and heart disease. It weakens the memory, makes a boy careless, negligent and listless. It even makes many lose their minds; others, when grown, commit suicide.

Gastritis and Lunaticism: It has also been shown that masturbation leads to gastritis, a common symptom of depriving the bowels of significant levels of oxygen and blood, caused by the diversion of vital fluids and gases from digestive tissues. Such negligent diet, and flagrant misuse of allotted fluids, has been proven to weaken and atrophy both systems, not only causing consumption, but weakness of the bowels, unreasonable humors, and lunaticism.

Incest and Retardation: If you belong to, or are a member of, a family AND you masturbate, then by having sex with yourself, you are also having sex with a member of your own family. If you are having sex with your sister, at least there’s some different DNA present. Masturbation is even more disgusting.

Homogay Disease: Masturbation is a same-sex sex-act that one performs on themselves. By doing so, you touch the sex organ of your own gender and become so aroused that you climax. This conditions the body and mind to become a gay. It’s like Karate for perverts.

Prostate Cancer: Once the masturbation has made you a gay, you will be spending most of your free time having rough unprotected anal with complete strangers. It’s only a matter of time before you catch prostate cancer in a dirty bathroom stall.

AIDS and Other Masturbation Related STDs: Chronic masturbators often resort to drug use in order to cope with guilt and shame associated with trauma of repeated self-rape cycles. It won’t take long before you catch the AIDS from sharing dirty condoms with your roommates under the bridge.


-Nikita Shalavin, homogay conversion therapist and high deacon at Brother Lonnie’s University of Faith Facts (B.L.U.F.F.)

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I used to live a lie. I was a leader of a Russian Prison Homogang and have once put a 12 gauge shotgun inside of myself on a dare. Brother Lonnie has saved my soul and shown me a new way to live.

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    • Dead serious. As serious as prostate cancer. HIV positive.

      Repent and convert before you end up self-raping for food on a corner.

        • I’m sorry, are you a Faith Scientist sir? No? Then why don’t you sit down and pay attention. You just might learn something.

          • Faith scientist? You mean someone who studies fairy tales as if they were true. It does lower prostate cancer. You were raised to belive it

          • Just noticing several comments and need to say something. Go read up on your topic before what you say makes you seem to be dumber than a brick. A faith scientist must be someone illiterate or who does not want to believe what has been studied and proven true. I hope your world works for you as I go back to reality.

    • Lemme know when it is proven scientifically. Because the Sun rotating around the Earth can be also demostrated empirically.

  1. You get erections throughout the night as you sleep. There is no avoiding blood going into the penis, it is a sign of a healthy sleep cycle. If the body does not have enough oxygenated blood, your heart will beat faster and you will breathe more heavily. The same thing happens when you exercise (which is good for you). It’s fine to masturbate.

  2. I’m going to pray for the fucking dumbasses who made this XD it’s better to masturbate then go out and actually have sex and get a lot of people pregnant and have serious STI’s. You all are fools. Self rape? Please, pick a new term, one that might actually be correct.

    • Shegay. How’s that for a term you filthy pervert? Leave your vagina alone and pick up King Lonald Holy Bible for a change. Also get tested for bad AIDS before you pass it on to yourself.

  3. Half these things aren’t even diseases and masturbation actually lowers the chance of prostate cancer from scientific studies lol

    • You know those men you meet on the corner? The ones who will watch you masturbate for money? Well, they’re not actually scientists. Maybe you can do a little research before coming to this holy netsite and making a complete fool of yourself.

  4. It’s impossible to give yourself a STD or any type of disease through masturbation. Masturbating actually lowers stress. Lower stress levels mean a lower chance of heart attack or stroke. STDs don’t just appear out of nowhere, there has to be a transfer of infected DNA from one person to another. I will give this website one thing though. It’s a great place for a laugh. Please do some research before you make yourself look stupid in front of the whole internet.

    • I suggest you get tested for bad AIDS before you end up passing it on to yourself. I shall pray at you in mean time.

      • Pass it on to yourself? Are you fucking kidding me? This site is filled with idiots. Now you are going to reply with some stupid comment that makes no sense in anyone’s mind but yours.

  5. If god would not want me to masturbate I would not be able to reach my genitals.
    Ok, that actually was a joke.
    Why is it your so called ‘Faith Scientists’ ‘prove’ the exact opposite of what real scientists found out?

  6. You must be speaking from personal experience because you are clearly a lunatic who suffers from lunacy. Hahaha. Now get your hands off your penis and go do some good in the world.

  7. “then by having sex with yourself, you are also having sex with a member of your own family”

    I just have one question for the idiots who made this stuff up:

    How can you be having sex with a family member if you’re masturbating? I had to re-read that like 6 times to make sure I had something of an understanding of what you fools were trying to say. That makes NO sense!

  8. If the authors of this website were sexually traumatized at some point, I would say this is not the way to express yourself. Like an arguing child, you dismiss every single comment with valid points as being written by a big mean dummy and you try to insult them.
    What if kids were to read this? You are a menace to society, cease and desist.

  9. At all you guys praying out there: Go to the library, go take a book from Descartes, Kant, Hegel, etc. and read it.
    Foreigners aren’t welcome here? This is what europeans think about the US.. Sorry for that cliché, but its like that. US=biggest porn industry AND this website. HAHA! Ridiculous.
    Despite how could a website be “holy”??
    Guys, this is the 21st century.. You’re like stock in the middle-ages…
    Now back to fapping 😀

    p.s. I’m from Germany… Very funny website 😀

    • yeah, americans are reaaaaaaly dumbb. and they are showing it in whole time. Go now and tie yours children, and then fapping themselvs in other room. ;]
      pps. this site is full of stupidity and fun. Cheers from Polad

      • A Polock calling Americans dumb, that’s a laugh. And a German commenting about American sexual deviation? What is this world coming to? German’s basically invented weird sex. They have a word – “Shoddenfreud” – which means gaining pleasure out of watching others masturbating in food. Weirdos!

  10. When you eat you feel sleepy because most of the blood goes to the intestines, in order to absorb the nutrients from the food. Will then eating cause a tumor or something?

  11. May I ask what os the term Homogay? Isn’t it either one or the other. And what the fuck is bad AIDS? Did I miss something in the last few decades saying there is a good AIDS? I love how this site is put together with such bad Grammer. Hmm incest loving retarded cousins writing this madness. I love it.

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