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Was the A-team Gay? – Stop Masturbation Now

Was the A-team Gay?

(StopMasturbationNOW)—The 80’s seemed like the perfect decade, Ronald Regan was president, the stock market hit new records every day, kids were saying no to drugs, and family values ruled the home. However lurking in the shadows was a dark underbelly of homosexuality which was to undermine the decades to come.

Hidden in plain sight was the homosexual television show “the A-team”

The A team was a television show about four middle aged men who drove around in a windowless 1983 Chevrolet van.  They were on the run after getting kicked out of the military and committed many crimes like property destruction. At the time they seemed innocent even likable, much like Freddie Mercury. However now it’s clear that this show only existed to promote and force the gay agenda on our youths. The name itself “A team” stood for Anal Team. And the members of the group were obvious homosexuals.


BA Barracus
BA Barracus

First was the leader of the team, John Hannibal Smith. The “silver daddy” of the group he always had something brown and phallic in his mouth. He was also a master of roleplay with his many costumes.

Next was the star, BA Barracus. BA stood for Bareback Assassin.  Bareback meaning unprotected anal intercourse.


The looks and charm of the group was Face who was played by Dick Benidick. Another of one of many references to penis in the show.

The fourth character was perennial mental patient Murdock, it’s never said why he was a mental patient but it’s pretty clear that it’s some STD related brain ailment like syphilis.


The premise of the show was clear and repetitive. These criminals would travel around the country causing problems and on the run from the Regan Government. At least once an episode they would get involved with other criminals and they would get locked in a cave or shed for sexual sessions. After the gay orgy they would escape by turning their sex toys into tanks and other weaponry

This show was heavily marketed towards kids and was one of the homogay agendas greatest success stories.

5 Comments on Was the A-team Gay?

  1. I’m glad I never watched that show. That Bareback Assassin guy looks horrifying. It disgusts me that Hollywood would pay a man with that kind of track record to do anything. Just shows how the liberal media is willing to look the other way when they have Big Masturbation money greasing their wheels.

  2. really the anal team? you have to be fucking kidding me. how stupid are you people that you actually believe that

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