Study Confirms B.L.U.F.F. Men Have Larger Penis Size

FaithFacts Study: Men of B.L.U.F.F. Penis Twice as Large as masturbationists

BLUFF HQ-STAFFORD, AZ – A recent study just concluded by Brother Lonnie’s University of Faith Facts (B.L.U.F.F.) in association with The Foundation for a Better Tomorrow has confirmed what we at the SMN Ministry knew all along – the men of B.L.U.F.F. have substantially larger penis sizes than those of non-normal masturbators. The finalized data reveals (no pun intended) that B.L.U.F.F. men sport penis sizes 100% larger on average than non-normals.

The study surveyed over 50,000 penis sizes from non-normal masturbators with adjustments made to compensate for race and ethnic background. These results were compared to the data from the men of B.L.U.F.F., which conducts annual measurements of their fellowship.

The study also determined that the average B.L.U.F.F. penis contains as much as 150% more ejaculate volume and the capacity to form a 60% more solid erection than that of a non-normal.

As a result, women are far more likely to be attracted to a man of B.L.U.F.F. In fact, the same surveys shows that B.L.U.F.F. peni are sexually inserted into the bible-mandated female sex hole at the same substantially higher rate. They might also enjoy some porn from websites similar to to keep the sex spicy. Ladies, since the study has also discovered that B.L.U.F.F. male members are curved at an average of 15 degrees more upward angle, there is a much higher occurrence of a BLUFF penis hitting your secret spot! The may need a little help from those “get hard rings“, but its well worth it!

It has been well documented by this and other websites that a female’s two-fisted grip of a B.L.U.F.F. shaft sends significantly more intense waves of sexual warmth through the shoulders, down the torso, and into the tricky female private areas. The sexual partners of B.L.U.F.F. men generate as much as 100-200% more vaginal secretions when in the presence of or thinking about a turgid penis belonging to a B.L.U.F.F. man!

Most men experience a growth rate of as much as double their penis length and thickness after taking the Stop Masturbation Now Pledge and being bathed in the Golden Love of Lonnie Childs.

Non-normal men, do you too wish for similar results? Are you prepared to take the SMN Pledge and become self-rape free? A much larger procreational penis can be yours. Contact your local B.L.U.F.F. Campus for more information. But, if you don’t feel like you can stop masturbating, it may be worth having a read of different Penis Extender Reviews to see if any suit you, allowing you to continue masturbating and hopefully increase your penis size!
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Cornelius Bartholomew “Cassidy” Pen, a retired US Marine, Actor, and Security Head-Receiver at B.L.U.F.F. Female Intake, now writes for a number of nationally respected news agencies. A winner of the prestigious Bill O'Reily "No-Spin" Award, Cassidy also runs a daytime street ministry to save souls from the sin of self rape. An avid hunter and manufacturer of distilled spirits, Cassidy would probably be found deep in the woods during his free time.
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  1. Well, this makes a lot more sense. I wondered why such a big effort was put into secreting me out of Dubai and getting me set up at BLUFF. I guess word got around!

  2. In fact, The BLUFF Commissary requires Viagra Corp to alter their packaging to alert BLUFF users, “In the event of an erection that persists longer than EIGHT hours, the patient should seek immediate medical assistance.”

  3. I see by the ruler that you measure the length from below the base. You people are so disgusting. B.L.U.F.F. Are you serious?

    • There’s nothing more unattractive to a superior male, than a lesser gendered with hysteria. Calm yourself down, dear.

  4. I would like to request a moisture check now, having read all these FaithFacts about our wonderful men folk.

    Praise them all!

    • I gave myself a moisture check Fluffle. Although the film left from my doggy’s bum doesn’t really qualify as my moisture…

      • Dear Sinner Jimmy, You’ve earned another 15 Demerit points for this comment, these points will be deducted from your Prayer Point Total, if you earn too many Demerit points you will be reported to The Department of Homeland Security. Consider this your final warning. God Bless, TheRev

  5. Piss off reverend! I’ll be checking my prayer point total to confirm this and I don’t give a FUCK if you report me to homeland security! FUCK YOU and the little boy that you rode in on!

  6. My prayer point total is 55 so I think that you are full of shit reverend! Fuck you and the little boy that you rode in on!

  7. I really don’t give a shit about my prayer points and I’m looking forward to being comtacted by homeland security. Moron!

  8. I’m looking forward to being contacted by them, douche bag!

    If I ask them nicely, do you think they’ll place their turgid penises in my mouth?

  9. Let’s see it Lonnie. I noticed that you had no remark regarding the fact that you are probabl 40 or 50 pounds overweight. When was the last time you actually saw your penis?

    I’m really horny to see your penis and ask if I can touch it.

  10. Wow, and you have such witty comebacks to my posts you are all pretty clever. If anyone cares to correct my language they would see that I have never used the phrase “attracted to females.” That is entirely your invention. Enjoy your website while I go to work as a gloryhole cock sucker!

    • Hello, Mr. Jimmy enjoy your day? Smile. Please stop with the language, as the Reverend Leroy warn you. Really. I’m here to offer you a great deal for long-distance fixed-line telephone. Can I have your attention to this incredible day, you can not miss? Good afternoon, Mr. Jimmy.

      Agent: Manull S.
      Overseer: Rev. Leroy Jenkins
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      ClientID: 6323 USA

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