How to Judge a Woman By Her Clothing

(StopMasturbationNOW)—Women are the number one cause of masturbation, whether it be not keeping their husband satisfied or in how they dress, they are usually to blame. They say you cannot judge a book by its cover, but you sure can judge a woman by how she dresses. Here is a handy guide on how to judge a woman’s clothing.







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  1. Oh my gosh…. I apologize, but this makes me very agitated. Yes, men and young boys mastrubate; but so do women and girls. There are major statistics about it if you Google it. So it’s not just the girl’s fault for causing mastrubation. And sometimes the HUSBAND’S are the ones not satisfying the wives so they’re looking for something that will help satisfy them. Now, please don’t get me wrong! I’m not saying it’s ok to go and do that stuff. Especially since it can be addicting. If you’re having marital problems with your sex life, talk to each other or a marriage counselor. But guys, come on now. It is the *person’s* choice to mastrubate. Yes, women’s (and even men’s clothing) choices can greatly influence what someone does when they’re alone. But that said person has a CHOICE to NOT do that. That goes for both male and female. No, that does not mean that you should wear the lowest cut shirts or the tightest skirts because you can say that it’s the other person’s choice to think dirtily of you. But that doesn’t mean you have to dress in such a way that no one can see anything except your eyes or you look like a grumpy frump. You shouldn’t even be judging anyway! That’s God’s job. Are you really trying to play God in this? If so, good luck. You’re gonna have fun answering to Him later on. Just from your post and all of the words spoken on this one page, I am judging you. The problem is, everyone here could be some of the nicest people ever, but I would never know that because I judged them too quickly because so read their cover- the words posted on this blog. Both men and women can be amazing people despite what they’re wearing. I guess my point is, it’s not ALL the women’s fault so quit blaming them, men aren’t the only ones who are tempted, and just because you wear certain things does NOT define who you are. And most importantly, DO. NOT. JUDGE. That is GOD’S right and place, NOT yours. Take care of your own log before you pay attention to someone else’s speck. Thank you and goodnight!

      • Oh no, there is all SORTS of judging going on here! On both sides of the party, too. But, ok, if this is “criteria of judging a woman by her clothes” (which is STILL judging because you still do not *know* the person), where is the middle ground? I mean, lookin at the pictures you’re either a whore or a prude. There is no “modest” or “respectful- of herself and others” in between. Everything listed on here is a condemnation to anyone who wears anything! Look back at that picture and imagine yourself in any of that and then imagine people calling you those names that are listed for those different lengths of clothing. Imagine being called “slut” in one skirt and then being called a “bore” in certain shirts. Tell me then that you are not feeling discriminated and degrading because you are either one extreme or the other. You’re either being judged for not wearing enough clothes, or for wearing too much.

    • “DO.NOT.JUDGE.”
      We are judging no one here, Amber. We are warning people who masturbate what will happen to them unless they stop violating their sin zones!

  2. Hahahaha! This is a campaign to STOP JUDGING WOMEN BY THEIR CLOTHES! If you read, you can see that none of the lables are correct, they all make look “wrong” to the women…
    Never stop masturbating! Is healthy for your mind and body, it releases endorphines and cerotonine: Makes you happy and helps you to relax! Gives you conficence and a clearer mind.
    I masturbate myself every day, I masturbate my husband almost everyday, he masturbates me almost everyday and we have SAFE sex 3-5 times per week… We are a happy, healthy couple!

  3. wow racist, sexist, anti-Semitic, hates gays and but not lesbians ironically care to add more the list lonnie eat a dick hypocrite

  4. My husband JP just evaluated me according to these godly measures. Apparently, my Wal-Mart T-shirt is old fashioned in the neckline, my orthopedic shoes are prudish, and my denim shorts are cheeky beyond the torn pockets. He says he still loves me though.

  5. Lonnie you and all of your followers are some of the select few dip shits that should have not survived past birth

  6. These pictures were made to make fun of people, like you, who think they can control and judge people and what they wear. Stop shaming peoples bodies. According to you, god created men in his own image. So why in the hell would you shame and hate bodies so much? Also, no one’s body is made for anyone else. It’t not made for a husband or spouse. You’re not a prize to be won. You’re not property. Live the short time you have left of your godforsaken life with love and compassion. Not hate and judgement.

  7. Your all a bunch of closed minded bitches who are just butt hurt because no one i a 300 thousand mile radius wants to fuck you. Women can wear what ever they want just because men can not control their own sexual urges does not mean that it is thier fault for masturbation. You all need to shove your dicks in a blender. Women are already insecure about thier own bodies and what they wear. Saying they are the number one cause of masturbation is just a cop-out for your own insecurity about your sexual urges. Women are not your scapegoat you assholes. Shouldn’t you bitches be praying or something you are wasting your own precious time with your “God”. Also i support gay rights suck on that you religious hippies.

  8. Jesus fucking Christ are y’all being serious right now?!? A woman can wear whatever the fuck she wants to wear and not have to be judged by you judgemental pricks. Like who the fuck do you think you are saying this is how a girl should be judged. I’ve been raped and it’s not fucking funny that you put this on there and one of the levels is asking for it. You should be able to walk around naked and a guy would not have the right to touch you. A girls or boys clothes do not define her. So get your close minded heads out of you asses you fucking cunts.

  9. This website is a joke, right? You realize this is a feminist post about how wrong it is to judge a woman by her clothes?

  10. You think you’re NOT judging?! What you are saying is VERY clearly spelled out in the article above! You are judging females based on clothing! “Women are the number one cause of masturbation, whether it be not keeping their husband satisfied or in how they dress, they are usually to blame. They say you can not JUDGE a book by its cover, but you sure can JUDGE a woman by how she dresses. Here is a handy guide on how to JUDGE a woman’s clothing.” You are a liar and a nut job! You and your contradictions have made me feel the need for masturbation!

  11. I’m sorry one comment wasn’t enough. This group is as functional as the Manson family! Wth is wrong with you idiots? Who really believes any of the crap these lairs are throwing out there! You are judging the way people dress, judging what happens if a would isn’t just a hole for her husband to pork fill and leave, judging people for masturbation! Judgemental fucking pricks! Butt out of others lives! Let he how is without sin cast the first stone!!! Ya fuck tards!

  12. I really hope that whoever made this site is just trolling because it doesn’t seem serious at all, just really fucking funny

  13. This is by far the biggest load of Monkey crap I have ever heard or read. If This is what you are teaching to your kids, then you are the problem not the women’s cloths. You’re the same bunch of idiots who tell us people from other faiths and backrounds are dangerous yet you’re more extreme than most of them. Give your head a shake. Do you remember when humans couldn’t figure where the sun went at night, like over 2000 years ago? That’s when your fantasy of a magic man in the sky was invented. Get with the times.

  14. What the fuck is this website, masturbation is natural, this is stereotyping women and you’re all fucking crazy.
    Side note, there is no god.

  15. I have surfed around your site today to see what it’s all about. A friend told me about it and recommended it. I must say that you are all very judgmental and didn’t g*d say “judge not, lest ye be judged” and that he is the only one that can sit in judgement on his people? If this is true, then you are all putting your selves in danger of going to hell because you are trying to do his job for him as you obviously think you can do it better.

    You are not teaching your children properly. You are teaching them to be uptight, judgmental, repressed beings and all that will do is ruin their lives later. Good for you. Your narrow minds and hypocrisy will serve you well when you finally do have to answer to the big guy and I have a feeling a lot of you will not be going where you think you’re going. I am not a liberal and I am not a pagan. I am a christian and a conservative and even I think you people are seriously deluded and completely misinterpreting the “words of Jesus”.

    GO TRUMP!!!!!

  16. Ey my cousin walks on her toes. She aint a how
    You stupid fuckers think out of the box. dont try to make your own ‘good or bad’ rules

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