Is Masturbation a Homosexual Act?

Faithfact #347

Friends, as you know, we here at STOP Masturbation NOW ministries are dedicated to educating the world about the dangers of masturbation.  One of the more disturbing faithfacts we have uncovered is that masturbation is a gateway homosexual act that has directly led to the moral decay of this great nation.

Typical masturbators flaunting their sin.
Typical masturbators flaunting their sin.

The federally funded study, conducted by faith scientists at Brother Lonnie’s University of Faithfacts (B.L.U.F.F.), took 16 months and $645,000 of your tax dollars in order to conclusively link the act of masturbation with making the choice to become a homosexual.  As you can see in the chart below, the correlation is undeniable.  The more someone masturbates, the more gay they become.  Only the most ignorant and depraved masturhater could reject these results.

The proof is in the science.
The proof is in the science.

It turns out that masturbators become desensitized to their own sin zones over time and an ever-increasing amount of masturbation sessions.  This phenomenon, masturbation plus time equals homosexuality, can be measured with the equation:


After making the conscious decision to turn into a homosexual, masturbators are suddenly thrust into an erotic lifestyle where they have gained access to to a seemingly limitless number of exciting new same-sex genitals.

In conclusion, the link between masturbation and hardcore homosexuality is common sense.  After all, a man getting sexually aroused by touching an erect penis sounds pretty gay to me.

Sorry masturbators!  Turns out that…

God bless some of you!

-Lonnie Childs








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62 Comments on Is Masturbation a Homosexual Act?

  1. Before Lonnie found me and cleansed me in his Golden Shower of love and forgiveness, I was on the verge of turning into a lesbionic, due to my sinful behaviour. I thank white American Jesus, everyday that I am now 160% heterosexual, just the way the good Lord intended.


    • Masturbation isn’t gay when there is tons of pussys to masturbate to, unless you are gag there’s tons of cocks too. Everyone wins yay Internet !!!

  2. I continue to be impressed with the work of Dr. Childs*. I don’t know what other proof the non-believers and sinners have to see in order to understand the error of their ways. Thank you for breaking this simple faith fact down into layman’s terms so the average mouth breathing sinner can understand it. I’ll be sure to read it, slowly, to any I encounter.

    * – I apologize profusely if “Doctor” is a lesser term than what you deserve to be called Mr. Childs. I just assumed from your vast knowledge shown on your site that you are at least a doctorate level mind.

    • I believe that everyone here are idiots. You should all open your minds to marriage equality and the fact that you can love anyone. Some of the posts on here are just idiocy. Masturbation obviously doesn’t cause natural disasters, sinkholes or anything else like that, how about you stop making up fake facts and put your faith in SCIENCE.

  3. I hate masturbating, but i like to get my friends penis in my butt. Am i a sinner? and if so, is there a way for me to purify myself?

      • SMN pledge. What’s that? There is a reason for my gayhomosexual lifestyle. I hate to admit but its money!! I want to give up that life!!! Is it free to accept this Lonnie guy as my savior? How about this SMN pledge thingy? These religious things tend to be as expensive as the devil’s sin list.

        • Eddie, Salvation is free. If you’d care to look at our Phototestimonials section, you will see what is required. Submit a picture of yourself, with a written pledge, denouncing your HomoGay™ lifestyle and you will be saved. Lonnie will always love you.

  4. Lonnie:- What About women?? They Masturbate & don’t suffer a sex change, I think you are a repressed Homosexual & “Get your kicks” The only way you apparently can !! You need help Preferably from a Homosexual Male!!P.S. Just in case you think differently. I’m a straight Male With erectile problems due to an Operation for Prostate Cancer I Cannot Masturbate!!

    • Hi Iain, I’ll be happy to answer your stupid question. Masturbation is a same-sex sex-act that one performs on themselves. By doing so, you touch the sex organ of your own gender and become so aroused that you climax. In other words, after a certain number of masturbations a woman will eventually turn She-gay.

    • That’s not God, that’s Satan! I believe you will be going straight to hell for lying anyway, Eve. Lesser-gendered species do NOT climax, as you so eloquently put it. HARLOT! The female ‘O’ is a myth. Ain’t nothing a good exorcism can’t fix.

      Praying at you!

      • Here is a female victim admitting that God is a rapist. Honey, that “God” that you saw was indeed Satan, who kept on thrashing inside of you while you were struggling and crying out: NO! NO! NO!. But… you see… it was also God! Who is this God/Satan entity, you may ask? It is an evil convergence of two opposing deities who found common ground, called: THE PATRIARCHY. Also Eve, why are you masturbating and having patriarchal religious rape fantasies while you should be fighting the PATRIARCHY with the rest of the sisterhood? Get with the program sister! The Junior Anti-Sex League is displeased!

      • Well, if that’s Satan, and if Satan allows me to masturbate, have homosexual relationships, and control my body, I’ll be much better in Hell. 😀

  5. Big Masturbation has most of the world fooled into think masturbation is harmless but this taxpayer funded study conclusively shows it leads to homosinuality. Shame on Big Masturbation and Obama.

  6. I pray (pun intended) that this site is just a huge joke… There’s no way that this isn’t satirical…But it if is, there is no hope left for humanity.

  7. Okay so what the actual fuck is wrong with you people this so called “fact” is your own oppinon and has not been proven by anyone official on the other hand IT HAS BEEN PROVEN that madturbation is healthy and normal and you are taking this the wrong way you dipshits really think youre so called “god” hates gay people THEN WHY THE FLYING FUCK ISNT HE SENDING DOME GOD FUCKIJG REDEMPTION YOU HIPOCRIT SONS OF ******* IGNORANT PIECES OF SHIAT… okay had to let that one out becayse some of the measures you christians take against masturbation is just over the damn edge “Anti masturbation cross” WHAT THE FUCK how the hell is a child suppose to sleep like that you dipshits… AND YOU CALL IT “SELF RAPE” But the last time i checked rape was a word for when someone is forced to do sexual deeds with one another and cant be inflicted on yourself since you want to do them you absolute idiots!!!

    • Please can you quit it with the potty mouth. not only does it undermine the point you are struggling to make (I think) but there are many, many children viewing this holy net-site and your capitalization and rage is likely to give them nightmares. which , unlike there anti masturbation devices, will stop them from sleeping.
      Praying at you.

      • I feel sorry for parents who force their kids to see this site

        PS: fuck, bitch, damn, motherfucker, asshole

    • Your body belongs to God therefore when you masturbate without his permission you are raping your God’s property.

  8. Thank you Brother Lonnie for this timely reminder that masturbation not only kills but turns you into a homogay as well. Praise!

  9. I think I caught a masturbator.
    You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

    You both like Roleplay.

    You: Hi

    Stranger: Hey

    You: Asl?

    Stranger: F 18 USA

    You: 18 M NC

    You: How are you?

    Stranger: I’m Julia, doing well how about you?

    You: I’m doing well as well, thank you. I’m James and it’s nice to meet you Julia

    Stranger: I like your name 🙂

    You: Thank you.

    You: Well, I have a sexual scenario if you are interested.

    Stranger: I am, let’s hear it 🙂

    You: School ended recently and I started my summer vacation. Bored, I went to the nearby lake to fish. Having lived nearby for a while, I went to my favorite spot on the edge of deep woods. Turns out that a pretty girl is laying nude there. (I can start if you want, but I would like you to have an interesting story as to why you are there.)

    Stranger: Alright sounds good you can start 🙂

    You: Okay. I can also link a picture of how I find you if you like.

    Stranger: Sure

    You: As I’m walking up to my fishing spot, I see a girl laying nude on the shore. I get closer and take some pictures. I then walk out of the treeline and say, “Um, hello.” with confidence in my voice. (This is how I find you. )

    Stranger: “Oh hi,” I say, startled by your voice. “I didn’t think people really came out here,” I lay comfortably in the sand and make no move to cover up

    You: I look you over as I set my things down, amazed to find a girl nude in the woods. “I didn’t either. What are you doing here?” I ask as I start walking to you.

    Stranger: “Well, I came here last night to go skinny dipping with friends and we got drunk so I fell asleep here in the woods. They must of left and taken my clothes with them as a joke. Oh well,” I laugh it off. “And what brings you here?”

    You: I chuckle a bit when you tell me that story and I answer as I sit next to you, “Oh, I just came to fish.” After a moment, I ask with a smirk, “So, did you decide to stay here because you don’t want to have to stroll home nude?”

    Stranger: “Yeah pretty much,” I giggle softly, “I think public nudity is also illegal so I don’t really want to be arrested naked,” I shrug and smile at you

    You: I smirk and tease as I rub your back, “Why not? I think a pretty and nude thing like you would be very popular in jail.”

    Stranger: “I’d rather not spend my life naked in jail when I could spend it naked in the woods with an attractive stranger like yourself,” I wink

    You: I move my hand down to your ass and say, “Well I can’t argue with that one, dear.”

    Stranger: “I’ve just declared this a nude beach, so I think you’re wearing too much clothes to be allowed here,” I say, looking you up and down

    You: I nod and say as I stand up, “Okay, I won’t argue with you. I don’t want to be in any trouble.” I then start stripping my clothes off.

    Stranger: “Don’t want to get arrested,” I smirk and watch you as you take your clothes off, starting to get wet

    You: Once nude, I sit back down nude to you and ask, “So, are there any other regulations on your nude beach?”

    Stranger: “It’s strongly suggested that you have sex with the prettiest girl, and it looks like I’m the only girl here so…”

    You: I smirk and ask as I mount you from behind, gripping your shoulders to pin you, “Okay, I want to be a law-abiding citizen here. Want to let me know about anything else?”

    Stranger: “You have to make me scream,” I smirk, grinding my ass into you

    You: “Don’t worry, I will.” I reply with a grin as I prod your pussy to tease you.

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    Stranger: (You there?)

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  11. This shit is stupid, like, wow. Touching yourself is natural and saying it causes homosexuality is not true what so ever. You don’t have a problem with masturbation, you just don’t want people to be gay. Nowhere in the bible does it say homosexuality is wrong. What it does teach is to practice kindness and acceptance to everyone which you’re clearly going against. You’re more “sinful” than a dozen homosexuals put together. Ridiculous. Mind your own business and focus on your own ‘purity’ if you’re so perfect.

  12. I love to masturbate while looking at topless FEMEN protests. This does not make me a homosexual. Apparently, this makes me a religious Patriarch. It doesn’t matter that I’m actually an atheist and more into femdom stuff than lamestream porn. It makes me the enemy.

  13. Esta web tiene que ser una puta broma, no?
    Es imposible que exista tal panda de ignorantes refugiados bajo una falsa y arcaica fe

  14. You’re right! turns out, I’m extremely gay! I am having sex with my friends who are also men as I write this comment. I love erect penis.

  15. Okay, first: homosexuality is NOT a choice. Second: Masturbation is a natural stress reliever and is not a Sin, the fact that out taxes go into such a stupid project makes me cringe. Third: just about everyone has masturbated at least once growing up. Fourth: why the Fuck does this website even exist?

  16. Lmao this shit is fucked up. Masterbation is proven to lower stress and anxiety levels, makes you happier, and prevents people from making a wrong decision with sex/ spreading a disease they may have.
    You are not gay if you masturbate, you are sane.

  17. I love this side it is so funny to read stupid informations about masturbation. All of your arguments make me keep going on masturbating. Ahahahahah (roflkopter)

  18. The fact that some people are taking this seriously is really causing me to question my faith in humanity. It’s not even subtle it’s painfully obvious satire… I pray for you all.

  19. 5% of the catholic church are pedophiles who have RAPED innocent CHILDREN, yet you have a website deciding on if masturbation is a sin?

    I wank RELIGIOUSLY to porn with naked WOMEN, its a natural urge and a natural stress reliever. If you are going to criticise a group of people maybe you should look within religion first…..

    ALL of my mates wank and i can assure you none of them are gay. This website is another reason why i have lost faith in humanity. You worship a religion that was plagiarized from Egyptian mythology which was based on worship of the sun. Jesus never existed, do some bloody research before devoting you life to idiocy.

  20. Holy fucking shit, this site actually exists. This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life, I’m laughing so hard right now, damn, it proves that a lot of people are mentally deficient.

  21. You need to go out to explore the world and its different cultures, because your ignorance is too much for the rest of us to handle. I wonder which is the most unnatural thing, a man masturbating or a man ruling the earth living above the clouds and his magician son turning water into booze.

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