A Button-down Appointed Spouse…

...the key to eternal glory and a lifetime of bliss!

Brother Lonald explains to his followers,

The need for Christianity to be at the forefront of preventing self-rape and other flesh sins is apparent. The devil seeks to destroy your soul by breaking down your human structure. Satan knows that a human being built with Jesus as the foundation is strong and resistant to hell’s fires.

Satan also knows that He can destroy this foundation through lust and suggestion. His use of the weaker female sex to break down the masculine order is the foundation for his plan to ruin souls. And we know he has a d*mned hot spot awaiting.

Thus is the purpose of appointing normal spouses to men of solid Christian foundations. The Faith Facts brotherhood tests and approves female marriage candidates in keeping with the goal of joining normals in holy man-to-woman marriages.

Men with solid Christian morals deserve females fit for procreation. He shall direct his fulfillment toward her with abundant love.

Ladies of Christian faith and normal aptitude receive a lifetime of bliss when availing themselves to their superior appointed spouses…after the housework is done and those damned kids are in their rooms, of course.

A masculine family unit is buttoned down by the emotional and physical strength of the male. It is with his desire toward his wife that the man creates the spark of her bliss, because in God’s plan, her desire shall be to service and please her male protector.

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Cornelius Bartholomew “Cassidy” Pen, a retired US Marine, Actor, and Security Head-Receiver at B.L.U.F.F. Female Intake, now writes for a number of nationally respected news agencies. A winner of the prestigious Bill O'Reily "No-Spin" Award, Cassidy also runs a daytime street ministry to save souls from the sin of self rape. An avid hunter and manufacturer of distilled spirits, Cassidy would probably be found deep in the woods during his free time.
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  1. Wow, wonder what non -brainwashed women would think of that last sentence? And I have to give it to you Christians, you create and exhibit hate for any thing you find “sinful”. Why not try to act a little more Christ like rather than hate mongering Christians?

  2. I tittie Fucked Brother lonnie last night and spanked that big mushy but of his…. it jiggled like 150 pounds of chewed bubble gum

  3. Holy shit, layoff the cakes Lonnie, you look like you ate someone, you’re even fatter than Kim Jong Un! And the article is sexist btw.

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