A Guide to Disciplining Your Same-Race Wife, Without Breaking the Law


Today’s modern woman can often times forget what her role in life is thanks to the liberal media and mental disorders, like “feminism.” Often times, the illusion of equality leads to divorce. A good husband will not just refuse to treat his wife as a disposable item, he will fight to keep his marriage and sometimes that fight must be physical.

Below are some suggestions to help a loving husband keep his prize wife in a holy marriage:

  1. Set Boundaries: Let her know what is acceptable behavior and what is not. Be firm and consistent.
  2. Reward her for Good Behavior: Compliment your wife and show her that there are rewards for good behavior. I often times toss a treat towards my wife when she has done something good, and say “Good Girl!”
  3. Find a suitable restraint device to keep her from: running away, hurting herself, masturbating, or calling the police.
  4. Destroy something of her’s that she loves, so she knows that when she does make a mistake she will lose something of value for her. These items could be: family heirlooms, a pet, a fancy outfit, or a pinky.

    The SMN approved "Anti Masturbation Table" is an excellent way to put her in time-out, without her: escaping, calling the police or masturbating.
    The SMN approved “Anti Masturbation Table” is an excellent way to put her in time-out, without her: escaping, calling the police or masturbating.

Remember to be consistent and only discipline her when necessary. When you must discipline her, make sure to tell her “This is going to hurt me a lot more than it is going to hurt you.”

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Liam McKey is a former combat veteran and owner of the only Vegan-Certified ranch in the United States. He has two normal teenage children with his same-race wife. Liam is active in the community of Safford, Arizona where he lives. Mr. McKey is an expert on teenage masturbation addiction and has many degrees from various non-accredited faith-based colleges.
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    • Lucky women with a blackbelt don’t teach you insecure machos how to respect a woman. Follow Jesus he protected many women from getting stoned and hurt are you better than Him? I don’t think so… What if your father In law saw u putting his daughter in bondage. Hahahahahha that’s what I thought God forgive you and have mercy on your twisted soul he wants a loving relationship with you so you can truly love your wife like Christ loved the church and gave his life for her. He didn’t punish the church band put her in bondage and emotionally abuse her I pray God years every satanic household that would ever use these methods of having a family and brings them into desolation and destruction for your zeal oh Lord. Defend and protect the weak and use your servant to fight the good fight till her last waking breath. Amen

  1. What’s this crap about breaking the law? If you have to choose between Brother Lonnie’s guidance and American law, you are out of touch with reality.

  2. Religions of the Abrahamic cult pretty much invented BDSM. Not that I’m complaining; I love that kinky stuff. I once masturbated to a video of a judicial caning taking place in Saudi Arabia. Make-believe religious boarding school spanking is a fairly popular porn subgenre. Dem Baptists got dem paddlin’. If there is one good thing to come from religion (and there ain’t much to be honest), it is the kink. Now if only I can get them to understand what the word “consent” means.

  3. Feminism is evil! Feminism is a plot of Satan to turn women against their rightful masters. It is the job of us men to beat the Satans out of women. Prayers to Mr. McKey!

  4. Ha I wish some dumb ass sexist guy would pull this crap on me hurt my dog? Ha no bitch I will hurt u or better yet act like I’M okay with ur bullshit till u “trust me”then call 911 put into jail and have a older of protection against you. smh island how ppl who think like this are allowed out into like ergo it’s 2014 drop this shit

  5. So you douche bags believe the way to true love is with Submission. That is not love that is unspoken rape, you prick. ok what your actually suppose to do in a successful relationship is to find EACH OTHER’s flaws and work at them for the rest of your life. Not saying every wife doesn’t enjoy BDSM once in a while but forcing your wife into staying with you by making them a dog doesn’t achieve anything but a loveless relationship. I bet your teenage children Liam Mckey hate your guts or you have been ramming this kind of shit down their throats since they were young, or you force them into submission like your wife. You sick fuck. Where is the love in a relationship like this, I bet your wife has never meant the words “I love you” has she? has she ever said this without you forcing her and she actually meant those words?? Don’t lie God knows if you do.

  6. Okay now I definitely know this site is a joke… You’re literally saying to treat your wife like a bitch lol.

  7. Seriously the more i read this absolute fucked up shit the more i think christians are absolutely retarted for saying and doing these things in the name of someone who does not even exist or never has showed us any signs of his existence it is really really really motherfucking retarted and fucked up and please pray against me i dont want a single one of your filthy prayers for me you naive fucktards

  8. Not one instance is in the Bible of any woman allowed a choice of who fucks her or when. Copulatory choicers claim that Rebekah was given a choice of going with Abraham’s chief slave, but what it was was whether her Dad, Laban, had to send a slave with her or would she like to go by herself.
    When she arrived, Isaac helped her down from her camel and immediately took her into the tent he had inherited from his mother, Sarah, and jumped right on her 10 year old body.
    Mary, confronted by the angel Gabriel, who told her that she was being impregnated, timidly replied, “Let it be done to your female slave as you say.”
    Fathers sold their daughters as they pleased. The standard price was fifty shekels whether she was a princess or a tanner’s daughter. For a princess, expensive gifts would be lavished on her mother. For a tanner’s daughter a new tunic might be given to her mother. Maybe a new pair of sandals.
    If a husband wanted his wife or concubine to love him, he wooed her. If he didn’t care, only wanted to have sex, he had sex, unless she was “in the way of women” (menstruating, etc.).

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