Five Reasons Girls Masturbate

(StopMasturbationNOW)—There is nothing more awful than female masturbation. It is so awful that most people don’t want to talk about it in their families, schools, or even churches. However it is important to openly talk about female masturbation and how wrong it is. It is very helpful to know why girls masturbate because knowing can help you change their behavior and reduce or hopefully eliminate the urge to masturbate.

Here are 5 common reasons girls masturbate. 

They are Fat
Heavy girls often get less attention from the guys, then they think well no guy is going to touch me, so I better do it myself. That feeling often leads to depression and then more eating and more masturbation in a vicious cycle. Even girls just a little bit overweight can get into this cycle. Parents its important to set high standards of what you expect from your girls weight wise. Skinny=Popular Popular=No time to masturbate.

Some girls just are so attracted to themselves they just can’t help but having sex with themselves. Masturbation in itself is a lesbian act. A girl touching a sin cave and giving it pleasure while having a girl explore your sin cave for the purpose of pleasure is by definition a lesbian act and therefore immoral (not to mention gross).  It does not matter that both girls are the same girl. Make sure to keep your daughter away from such lesbian influences as television, books, and music. Talk to her about her lesbian thoughts, remind her that they are wrong.

Their Mom Masturbated
The number one response a child will give when confronted about her masturbation is “I learned it by watching you mom!” Parents it’s very important that you not masturbate and make sure to let your children see you not masturbating.

Hot Topic Girls Constantly Self-rape.

Some kids masturbate because they just want to rebel against everything. These girls use apple products, shop at hot topic or Kohls, avoid gluten, and drink $8 coffee in Italian sized cups. The best cure for these girls is family time. Instead of them going to the mall with their friends, go to church with the family. Instead of dancing with friends, go to the zoo with family.  Family time all the time every time!

They are Selfish
Masturbation is a selfish act, especially done alone away from the father or family. Remind girls that to masturbate is denying men their natural role as keepers of the cave. If a girl is masturbation you probably have been too lenient about her reproductive and feminine hygiene choices. It’s time to reassert yourself. It’s never too late to affect change.

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    • “There is nothing more awful than female masturbation”…

      5 things that are more awful than Female Masturbation:
      1. Rape
      2. Murder
      3. Physical Assault
      4. Genocide
      5. Kim Kardashian

  1. I’m a lesbian, I don’t masturbate . I don’t know one single person that masturbates that learned from their parents? I’m not that skinny but still, don’t do it. I know more skinny girls that do it than bigger girls. You are body shaming ass holes. I am selfish! That’s why I fuck my girlfriend and don’t let anyone else do it. Why masturbate when you could have a lesbian do it for you. Hope this makes your page burn. Ignorant fucks. You people are seriously possessed by the devil. Because God would’ve made our arms shorter if he didn’t want us to touch ourselves. So put that on your dildo and press go.

  2. Very well said! I’m sharing this with everyone I know! Let us pray.
    Please bless the souls that fall to the temptation of masturbation. Help them to see the great sin they commit against you, O Lord. For You are all good and deserving of all our love. With your grace, help these girls to sin no more and to avoid the near occasion of sin. Amen.

  3. Kenzie,
    I’m a lesbian myself and like you I never touch myself on my dirty parts because I know God’s love for me which is why I’m a celibate virgin lesbian. How dare you bring up “body shaming” on this holy website after posting as follows… “I’m not that skinny but still, don’t do it.” Look hear porky I hate to tell you this and shatter your false reality but you and your girlfriend can’t f@ck sister. Two girls can’t f@ck you shameless pig, that requires both a vagina and penis between a married couple for the purpose of procreation. All you two dirty dykes can do is shove your double headed plastic penis in your tunnels of sin and shame nothing more. Thank God you’ll never be a mother and pass your disgusting and vile ways onto another generation.

  4. Who ever wrote this article is an ignorant asshole and can go burn in hell because honestly nothing on this page has an ounce of truth the real reason females mastrabate is because it feels awesome we live in the 21st century get with the times mastrabate it feels good anyone that says otherwise is either a virgin or has been told that it is bad and has not mastrabated themselves and who ever wrote this article is disrespecting every women out there take this article down and shove it where the sun don’t shine

  5. The worst thing about masturbating is not masturbating. And you really REALLY need to touch your sin sausage or sin cave and jerk off regularly…

  6. You heartless cuntwagon. Have so much pent up dead baby sperm in your dicks, because of your untouched sin stick. You are crusty. The best comment on here was from that lesbian. Go fuck yourselves. If your logic is correct, everybody on this earth is a lesbian because almost everybody pleasures themselves.

  7. This is so fucking hilarious! My fucking god! Ive just finished masturbating and i end up here laughing so hard! Please keep on making this funny stuff.

  8. Lol. Total bullshit. I’ve got nothing against religion, but if you don’t like masturbation, then just admit it’s for purely religious reasons, instead of spreading lies ‘in the name of god’. JEEZE, you people just piss me off.

  9. Why would it not be acceptable to love one’s body and do something that feels good and does not harm anyone? I have given my life to God, but that does not mean I can’t love my body. And the reasons given for masturbation here are bullshit, at least in my case. And why is the female body considered so mysterious and disgusting? We’re just humans for goodness sake!
    And on a mildly related note, it’s not like the Bible criminalizes sex, it is only implying that premarital sex is sin, in fact the first order from God to humans in Genesis was to reproduce and fill the Earth, i.e. to have sex

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