Help: My College Roommate Masturbates While Looking at Me

Dear Lonnie,
CaptureI recently started my first year of college and am sharing a dorm room. Its the first time I have ever shared a room with someone long term. It has only been about four weeks now but every night she masturbates, sometimes 2-3 times a night. It started the third night after we moved in, I heard some noises and some rustling and then some heavy breathing. I didn’t turn to look but eventually I heard some moaning and then the sound of relief. I couldn’t sleep that night how could someone just rape themselves like that. It continued every night and then one night I heard a light buzzing noise. when I took out the trash I saw that there was a package in it for a “clitoral stimulator”. I took three showers that afternoon but never felt clean.  It really got bad last night when I heard her moaning and I awoke but was already facing her and saw her looking directly at me while she had one hand between her thighs and the other squeezing her breast. She just kept going while looking me over until she was finished.  What do I do? I feel violated.


Dear Sheila, thank you for contacting me. Your story is one too often shared with me. Female masturbation on college campuses is out of control. Women’s liberation, other liberalizations, and the gay agenda have taught young women that there bodies are a toy for them to control. you need to get out of this situation immediately. She is raping herself and if she is thinking of you she is raping you. What you need first is to gather evidence. If you have a access to a video camera or a cellular telephone you should try to get video proof of the incident. we can also send you a nanny cam teddy bear to record with. After you gather the evidence, send it to me. We will provide you with a pre-paid shipping envelope for discreet shipping. We then review the materials and report incidents to the proper authorities at the school as well as to the parents and other relatives of the masturbator. I will be thinking of you and your roommates situation until we can get it resolved.

Again, thanks for the question Shelia. If any other of our readers have a question please write me at or use the contact us link at the bottom.

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  1. Sheila may wish to consider a theological education at the nearest B.L.U.F.F. education center. I would match Brother Lonnie’s University of Faith Fact Professors with any in the world in terms of value for the money and a spiritual, real world education.

  2. Ever since dictator Obumma forced homogay marriage on this country all of us are being tempted by demons of homosexuality. I would advise you to seek counsel with your pastor and tell him everything. An older man often has biblical knowledge on these afflictions and can offer a helping hand.

    Whatever you do, do not seek counsel with a female “pastor”. First of all it’s not biblical for a woman to play pastor. Second she most likely is a closet feminist pretending to be Christian. And third it’s a proven fact that she is 95% likely to be a lesbo. It would be like a drunkard seeking help in juke joint.

    Here is scripture to help you through this adversity:

    “And this shall be given to the priests by the people, offering an animal sacrifice, whether it be ox or sheep; they shall give to the priests the shoulder, the two cheeks and the stomach.”

    Deuternonomy 18:3

    Amen and Praise God in these End Times

  3. There is nothing wrong with what the girl’s roommate is doing as far as the act itself. It’s not “rape.”

    Just talk to your roomie kiddo. That’s what adults do–we talk it out. Also, I strongly suggest you stay away from biggoted websites like this that are raping your mind. These people are idiots and disrespecting the Lord with their self-grandizing, sinful thoughts. :/

    God’s message is love, not condemnation.

    • Omg what website tells u to spy on people’s privacy? This person is right, just talk it out or ask to switch dorms. If you feel she was raping you by looking at u then it’s no different if u were to film what she was doing (aka raping her with the camera). Communication is the key.

  4. Really the best thing you can think of doing is to send a college girl masturbating to a stranger’s site?
    I think they are too sensitive info to just send them to someone you dont know. You can try tellling her the it annoys you!

  5. outraged to read some people commenting think the suggestion to video her roommate with a teddycam provided by Lonnie was somehow dubious. you people have dirty minds, indeed i wonder if you also selfrape! lift your imaginations from the gutter!

  6. Just help her with her problem by solving the problem. Instead of her using her own self and toys.. U should use ur hands and tongue and maybe even other things. *wink*

  7. I feel as if Jesus did not die for you to spy on your roommate and pass judgement on her. She is a free spirit and can do as she pleases, and if looking at you pleases her then so be it. You guys pretty much had optical inter course so who’s the real rapist now mhm you guys are bonded for like you did the dirty with your eyes

  8. I know a way around this. Whenever my boyfriend or I get tempted, we just take care of each other. You should ask your roommate if she could work with you like that.

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