Internets Meems Warning!

A Stern Word of Caution From Brother Cassidy

WARNING: Do not be tricked by certain internets meems. Some may appear to be spiritual and comforting, my dear friends in Christ through Brother Lonnie, but they are merely a ploy by Big Masturbation to promote self rape. Take this one, for instance. Note the nasty underbelly to this filth. It calls on a young and capably moistened LGN of child rearing age and hip structure to tell her significant SGN that she is riding off on her pear shape seated bicycle to be alone. There can be little doubt she is most likely reading “Shades of Grey” or some other printed filth words that make her mind spin toward erogenous thoughts that create pleasure pulses in the sin zones of her creamy body.

This is the very definition of self-rape. Learn to identify these types of sin scenarios that are messaged at our youth.

Join me, my dear friends, and engage your prayer apps to denounce and uncover this type of wolf-in-sheep-wool trickanary from Satan.

Tell your family to remember that saying “Yes” to yourself is saying “Yes” to the devil!

The souls of our precious youth are far too precious to allow distortions and confusion to enter their fragile eggshell minds. Please boycott and defend your families against internets meems of this type.

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Cornelius Bartholomew “Cassidy” Pen, a retired US Marine, Actor, and Security Head-Receiver at B.L.U.F.F. Female Intake, now writes for a number of nationally respected news agencies. A winner of the prestigious Bill O'Reily "No-Spin" Award, Cassidy also runs a daytime street ministry to save souls from the sin of self rape. An avid hunter and manufacturer of distilled spirits, Cassidy would probably be found deep in the woods during his free time.
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    • Indeed, there is much good on the internets, this ministry and reputable news outlets like fox and are examples of such. I did not call on banning the internets. It’s typical of the secular left to create straw boogermen by making up crazy quotations. I resent that tactic. It is for that reason that I clicked rather forcefully on “Pray Against.”

  1. Saying “yes” to yourself is saying “yes” to the devil. Saying “yes” to your Self is saying “yes” to God. The divine spirit breathed into us by the Lord is our true identity – we being made in the likeness of God. Sex-promiscuity plunges us further into hellish existence and away from the light within and above us. When you give women any degree of freedom or “independence”, they will remain true to their peculiarly fallen nature and lust after “bad boy” demon-spawn, resorting to reading such garbage when their fun time is over and they have to settle for parasitizing off a seed-depleted liberal beta wanker just to get by. Reject this hellish existence, as God’s order can and will be restored on Earth.

  2. Okay so I’m french and educated so I know the opinions presented here do not represent what christian american people think.
    But seriously!? Some people are at this level of fundamentalism and ignorance!? Please do study the Bible in an intelligent way; there is no such thing as “self rape”.
    And, you , uneducated fundamentalist who reads this comment, stop with the racist comments against anyone who isn’t a “good ol’ american from the bible belt”
    All men are created equal and if ever somebody has been told one must marry someone of “the same race”, don’t listen to what your parents or whoever else tells you to do so. Marry who you love; an american, an african, a chineese person or even a person of the same sex if it is who you love.
    Go to school, to college, study, graduate from Harvard, Oxford, Stanford or any other great place.
    Travel around the world! Visit great places! Meet new people from around the world and see that the ones you call “niggers” or “aliens” are in fact great,greater than the ones who hate and do not know.
    Make your own opinion about the world and stop relying solely on one “pastor’s” hate preachings.
    Find out what the world is like and make your own opinion about it! 🙂
    I feel sorry for you if after reading this comment you tell yourself “He is just a satanic idiot” or sometihng of the sort.
    That is all I have to say to you and I hope you will think about this message (especially if you are a kid and unsure of which road to follow)
    I will pray for you for the same reason as I pray for ISIS members who seem to be lost in their fundamentalism.

    Some “french idiot”

    PS: please publish me in the “masturbhaters” section. (You will do it without censoring thus message if you really stand behind what you say)

      • France isn’t socialist. There is no socialist country on Earth (maybe on other planets) there are 5 communist countries (Laos, Vietnam, North Korea, Cuba, and China)
        But France is capitalist

  3. Not “socialist claptrap”, the words of someone who is educated and not a racist fundamentalist.
    I dare YOU to tell me you aren’t a racist. And don’t start with saying “The bible says we can be racist” or something of the sort; it’s wrong.
    But if you were educated you would know it 😉

  4. >Internet meems
    It’s spelled “memes”.
    “Trickanery”, or more common, “trickery”
    This, by definition, is impossible. Just because you see masturbation as sinful (which there are no clear boundaries set in the Bible), doesn’t mean it’s rape. “Self-satisfaction” or something along those lines would be much better to use.
    >Big Masturbation
    ..? What? What is this?
    >saying the “meme” is directly supporting masturbation
    >saying the girl is probably reading erotic literature
    First off, do you understand what a meme is? Because this isn’t a meme.
    And you’re looking for a problem in this picture, which is why you found one. The text could very likely be completely unrelated to sex. There are many people, such as myself, that are quite introverted, and would rather be by themselves than with other people. This spending time alone would be “saying no to others” and “saying yes to yoursel[ves]”, and the time spent alone is often completely unrelated to anything sexual.
    Also, there is no indication whatsoever that the woman is reading ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’. And “erogenous thoughts that create pleasure pulses in the sin zones of her creamy body” sounds similarly erotic to the book that you are condemning.

    • Sir or Ma’am, do you even have a Bible? Because your commentary shows you know nothing about our Holy net web site. It’s teachings on the Sin of Onan are clear. Masturbation has long been referred to as self-abuse, not “self-satisfaction” as you so deceptively try to put an innocuous spin on it.

      The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction.

      God Bless.

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