Bananas: Satan’s Fruit

Terrible Fruit Aimed at Innocent Children

Clearly, I mean, really (vomits)


banana rapist

Throughout nature, we at B.L.U.F.F and The Foundation For A Better Tomorrow have found a plethora of disgusting natural objects that codify self-rape, but perhaps none is so blatantly obviously created to be a foul dingus as that demonic penis-resembling fruit: the banana.


Here we see Mexicans harvesting bananas, which will fund ISIS, surely
Here we see Mexicans harvesting bananas, which will fund ISIS, surely

The agenda of this yellow phallus shaped succulent fruit is unclear. Try as though we might, we have yet to be able to get the bananas to admit to anything intelligible.

But what is crystal clear, is that bananas resemble gigantic penises, and are grown in South Mexico and Greater Asian Micronesian Ornament, by depraved non-normal and primitive Mexicans and Communist Ornamentals, both species of which have been shown to pose contagious masturbation dangers to law abiding Normals.

Here Communists harvest bananas, and use the profits to fund ISIS, surely.
Here Communists harvest bananas, and use the profits to fund ISIS, surely.


Clearly, I mean, really (vomits)
Clearly, I mean, really (vomits)

It is very obvious, I mean, c’mon, just take a gander. A banana could not look anymore like a penis, right down to the pointy tip and heinous brown spots. Clearly this is a self-rape trigger, and should be avoided, possibly quelled, as it looks just like a penis. Looking like a penis, as bananas certainly do, is just disgusting, and will cause sin, inviting Satan right into our homes, so we can fall, right into his trap! The deviousness!


Won't somebody please, think of the children?!
Won’t somebody please, think of the children?!

Bananas, championed by “mainstream medicine” as healthy snack, are often offered to school children, public school children, no less, who our tax dollars pay to feed, and are often non-Normal. This disgusting, non-segregated, cuisine and diet plan, only ensures degradation of the already highly diluted Normals culture, and way of life, already in decline in theses dark days of the pre-Coming of The Apocalypse.

Encouraging young Normals, and larval non-Normals, to engage in simulated acts of oral sex, with a Satanic fruit, that may cause self-rape triggering, is just too much, and frankly, is an outrage!

Thanks Obama! (sarcasm)


Bananas need to be removed from the public, and public schools now! If bananas aren’t banned, then we all might as well be gullible whores for Satan, with big “Vacancy” signs over the metaphorical, prolapsed, anuses of our souls!


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Thomas Kelly, SMN Faithscience Editor, is the Dean of several B.L.U.F.F's, as well as the preeminent authority on Faithscience. In addition these lofty titles, he is also a powerful wizard, and holds over fifty non-secular PHDs.

19 Comments on Bananas: Satan’s Fruit

  1. Even worse than the banana is the macho plantain.
    In south america it is known as the penis fruit.

  2. Banana peels are also very dangerous. There are reports of young men warming it up in their microwaves and then putting it in between the cushions of their sofas to simulate vaginal skin. I believe they call it “banana peel fapping”. While I think this is a bit better than homos sticking bananas up their anuses, why don’t they just get a Christian housewife like a normal man? I don’t even have to ask my wife permission when I want to have sex with her.

  3. Did I catch a masterbater? ou’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

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    You: Hi

    Stranger: dude here

    You: 23 F Russia

    Stranger: oh hi! Lou here, 29

    You: Nice

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    You: Eriska

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    You: Thank you

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    Stranger: oh thank you I was gonna ask, just a sec

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    You: Thank you

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    Stranger: oh ok

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    Stranger: (nice!)

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    You: “On”

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    Stranger: ”ah”

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    You: (Continue)

    Stranger: I fuck faster and faster, feeling your drip on my balls

    Stranger: I bring my hand on your clit, rubbing it hard

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    You: “Are you alright?” I ask

    You: (Be right back)

    Stranger: I push a last time in the bottom of your pussy

    Stranger: then pull out, sperm coming out of my cock

    Stranger: landing on your pale skin

    Stranger: some of it lands on your face

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    Stranger: please right me when you’re online…tomorrow around the same time or a bit later I should be on, I have a 8 hours bus ride to do, maybe you can entertain me

    Stranger: (bye)

    You: (Okay)

    Beams of fire sweep through my head
    Thrusts of pain increasingly engaged
    Sensory receptors succumb
    I am no one now only agony

    My crimson liquid so frantically spilled
    the ruby fluid of life unleashed

    Ripples ascend to the surface of my eyes
    Their red pens drawing at random, at will
    A myriad pains begotten in their wake
    the bastard spawn of a mutinous self

    The regurgitation of my micro nemesis
    salivating red at the prospect of my ruin, my doom

    Malfunction the means for its ascent
    Bloodletting the stringent voice to beckon my soul
    So futile any resisting tension
    As death-induced mechanics propel its growth

    The implement, the device of my extinction
    the terminating clockwork of my gleeful bane
    The definitive scourge of its mockery
    the end-art instruments lethality attained

    Heed – it commands, heed my will
    Bleed – it says, bleed you will

    Falling into the clarity of undoing
    Scornful gods haggle for my soul
    Minds eye flickers and vellicates as I let go
    Taunting whispers accompany my deletion

    A sneering grin, the voice of my reaper
    chanting softly the song of depletion

    • I’m fine with medicine. As long as it is not the devil’s weed (marijuana), it is fine with me. I have developed a particular fondness for Quaalude and Oxycontin. The good ole legal drugs like tea, coffee, tobacco and alcohol are also fine. As long as it is not that smelly green stuff the non-normals smoke.

  5. Speaking of bananas. I think in going to go suck on one while I shove another on up my but hole and rub my penis with a bandanna peel! I think I caught the masturbating fever!

  6. “Bananas to fund ISIS”
    Hahaha I’m dead guys?
    Please continue with stories like this; always guarantees a good laugh

    I masturbated once but don’t worry I repented myself by doing as the pastor told me; I now only self rape in front of pictures of our holy lord

  7. Guys, I’m pretty sure God created that fruit with the entire intention of benefiting us with natural sugars and potassium. Both necessary things for us to function in our every day lives. It’s the perverted people, such as yourselves, who take this thing on to a WHOLE other level because you can’t get your mind out of the gutter. I really, really hope that this entire site is a joke because half of this stuff is made up and actually gave me a really good laugh.

    Not only that, but the fact that you think that the Mexicans are selling bananas to raise money for ISIS is completely and totally racist and downright cruel. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’d be easier for the members of ISIS to get into heaven than it would be for you.

  8. I am lying in bed in a tender nightie and I am thinking about all the naughty things that others are afraid just to say. I am stroking my body by all fingers, I am changing rhythm and pressure. I love it! And then it comes – ecstasy and euphoria. And again and again. It’s the best feeling on the world and I will never stop doing it!!!! 😛
    Btw. I used everything around me – a bottle of coca cola, a cucumber and also a long hard BANANA which was – at the end – totally melted 😛

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