BLUFF Gets Illegals

SMN Reporter, Blythe Danner

Buses choc full o’ mexican children arrive at BLUFF Arizona

SMN Reporter, Blythe Danner

Young mexican stops working the field to take a picture of himself listening to Carman Liciardello. Proving how shiftless his people truly are.

(STOPMasturbationNOW)– Bushels of mexican children are being bused to Safford Arizona after Texan concentration camps began to overflow. Hundreds of these parentless heathen children are being assigned to the care of Brother Lonnie Childs via the STOP Free Will NOW Summer Camp (featuring Carman Liciardello) Campaign, bless his heart.
For fear of typical non normal diseases, such as but not limited to: mexican diabetes, mexican ring worm, HIV bed bugs, oral mexican cancer, and mexican herniated scrotum, Brother Doug Pinnick will be conducting thorough exams of all the male children. Manually testing for both prostate cancer and colo-rectal cancers by hand.
Also, faith based sanitary cloaks were issued to each child to keep the The Devil’s WiFi from sending masturbatory beams into their little mexican heads while they sleep at night. These cloaks have been prayed at by The Reverend LeRoy Jenkins, and also help keep the mini mexicans warm and delicious, like TGI Friday’s loaded potato skins.



Undoc Kids bused6

SMN Reporter, Blythe Danner

Elderly regularly feeds mexican children stale asiago bagels from Panera. Gives them no incentive to go back to their own country.

SMN Reporter, Blythe DannerMigratory patterns of mexican children have been on the increase lately due to Global warming caused by self rape body friction. Each year over 6,000 mexican children blow across the Texas border on Gulf Coast tradewinds. And, due to the elderly tossing them stale bread, these blockheads have no reason to return to their native lands.


SMN Confederate Correspondence Reporter, Blythe Danner

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When on a fishing trip I bring a couple of the younger ones with me to use as “Anchor Babies”, I have to push them under a few times but once they take on some water they work great.


I hope this is a joke and not real because you stupid fuckers are halarious