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Foreskin Smuggling Ring Bust – Stop Masturbation Now

Foreskin Smuggling Ring Bust

According to King Lonald Holy Bible, God told Abraham to circumcise himself, his household and his slaves as a means of discouraging masturbation. For centuries, God-fearing Hebrews have been circumcising their young to promote a healthy, non-masturbatory life style. Typically, they were betrayed by their own kind for few shekels.

Chewing circumcised child foreskin as gum is a disgusting new trend that has been gaining in popularity in Homogay community. Depraved leather clad men will pay as much as $120 a hit (2-3 oz piece of penile flesh clippings). Rabbi Mordechai Rabinovic was one of several foreskin dealers detained for questioning in a series of raids in San Francisco.

This investigation began in November 2013 when the San Francisco LGBT desk of the DEA received a tip about a possible foreskin trafficking organization operating out of the local Homogay club, notorious for hosting corporate Big Masturbation events in the Bay Area.

“Investigators have uncovered and interrupted a foreskin-smuggling ring that trafficked penile matter clippings from California Synagogues to local Homogay nightclubs,” said Special Agent-in-Charge Barbara M. Dykens of the DEA’s San Francisco division. “In total, we have seized 66 pounds of fresh foreskin with an estimated street value of over $3 Million. This is an excellent example of what can be accomplished by heterosexually led Christian law enforcement agencies cooperating across jurisdictional lines.”

During the arrests, agents also took into custody nine Homogays and a suspected trans-gender woman who were caught chewing foreskin illegally. Court records did not list attorneys for those who were arrested.

In this hour of need, we put children’s needs first. We advocate for, and achieve large-scale change for children. Help us save children’s lives. Stop Masturbation NOW.


– Nikita Shalavin

Cultural Attaché and Homogay Converter at Brother Lonnie’s University of Faith Facts – BLUFF

About Nikita Shalavin 15 Articles
I used to live a lie. I was a leader of a Russian Prison Homogang and have once put a 12 gauge shotgun inside of myself on a dare. Brother Lonnie has saved my soul and shown me a new way to live.

20 Comments on Foreskin Smuggling Ring Bust

  1. Thank you for this update, Brother Nikita. Disgusting practices, such as the chewing of young penile foreskin, needs to be presented to a larger audience and it warms my heart that you have now done that. Mainstream news likes to gloss over the many atrocities in the world today. It’s comforting that SMN and Lonnie do not hesitate to put the scum of the Earth on notice via this Holy Netsite. Praise.

  2. Thank you sister Cathy. I hope the Jewish people weed out these perverts from their mosques before the citizens on San Francisco start taking matters into their own hands.

  3. This is not true, god, religious people will believe anything. I mean Jesus Christ people. You really think that people chew FORESKIN!?!?!?! I mean WTF!?

      • They’ll apparently have sex with luggage, based on the California Proposition 65 labels that you can see on the tags of most suitcases. Proposition 65 is apparently the work of ultraliberal lobbyists who want to keep homogay suticases and duffle bags for getting sued by their unwary partners. (I perform prayers of exorcism on the suitcases I sell; my coworkers look at me with rapture. Praise!) If a piece of luggage “comes on to you” and asks for a piece of foreskin or some other foul favor, notify the police and call Brother Nikita at his 1-888 number.

    • Brandon, I have long standing contacts with SFPD, this story is confirmed. Government controlled media is keeping things quiet, as they have their own Anti-Semitic agenda. The only reason I went ahead with this article is for the children.

  4. August got it right. Gays don’t care what you put in their mouth – they’re gonna chew on it. And love it.

  5. No they won’t. Nobody chews human foreskin. This article isn’t ANYWHERE else on the Internet. Whats the source? Find ONE source. Im actually laughing cause there’s people that actually believe this. Like, Damn. Ignorance at its finest

  6. Aren’t religious people, like yourselves, supposed to try and see the good in all people. Isn’t that Jesus’s teachings? Instead you pounce on anything hateful about anything that’s different than you. Like seriously I’ve never heard more absurd accusations of the gay community… And they’re from people who are supposed to love everybody! Open your eyes people. I mean holy cow, so much hatred.

    • Obviously you know about as much about jewish circumcision as a monkey knows about basketball. The jewish mohels are utterly addicted to baby penis parts. That’s just an undeniable fact. Now if you support that. If you support metzitzah b’peh, then you also must be addicted to baby boy parts. And that makes you equally as disgusting!

  7. This article isn’t anywhere on the internet… yet. I broke a story about Justin Bieber’s true calling as a holy man four days before Fox News picked it up, altered some of the details and ran with it. Nikita Shalavin, like most of our reporters is just ahead of the curve. These are stories you will be reading about on “mainstream” and liberal controlled media in the coming days, weeks, months and years. Praise.

  8. This has got to be a joke. I havent found one story about justin Bieber being a “”holy man”, but why preach and advocate the hate? I’m an agnostic and I believe in nothing but accepting people, and steering away from vilifying them. No matter what their beliefs. What was Jesus’s number one teaching? Maybe you should actually read the bible.

  9. The article linked below takes the same basic information I received last week from my source and presents it in a sanitized form:

    The “major media outlets” like to twist the details of a news story around to please their agendas and to satiate their advertising overlords. We at SMNNN present you with the cold, hard faith facts™ and don’t sugar coat the pill to make it easier to swallow. The details in the story were massaged to not give Lonnie Childs the free shout out for single-handedly changing Mr. Bieber’s life. That is to be expected when Big Masturbation controlled media puts the story on one of their puppet netsites. Unfortunately this also proves they’ve gotten their greasy tentacles into the one time paragon of truth, Fox News. Thankfully Lonnie Childs started this netsite to post the news Big Masturbation doesn’t want you to see.

    As for not being able to find the story… several other less reputable media outlets also ran with the story:

    I found those three above just doing a cursory search using the “Google” search engine which is completely inferior to the world’s preferred search engine, Bing. I could list the 30+ other hits on the first page of results as well but my point has been made.

    I’m also quite well versed in the King Lonald Holy Bible and I read from it every night before bed and also upon waking each morning. Praise.

  10. Shit! How am i going to get my baby penis foreskin now, come on Rabbi Mordechai Rabinovic your killing me

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