Masturbators Put Giant Penis on Hillside

(StopMasturbationNOW)—I know they say hate the sin but not the sinner, well sometimes with masturbators that just cant apply.

A giant sinstick has appeared on a mountainside in North Wales, in the UK. It is believed to currently be the largest depiction of a weiner in the world.

penis-hill-615x400The 100-foot massive wang is believed to have been cut into the grass on the side of Clwydian Hills, outside Wrexham. Tractors there are often used to cut tracks out of the brush to help wildlife move around in what is an officially-designated British Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The designation was made even before the area was adorned by the sinful image

A local news report notes that the penis is especially visible to hikers following the Offa’s Dyke footpath from Presatyn to the Severn Estuary, so keep that in mind as you make your travel plans.

Because not much happens in Wales and people there apparently like large displays of genitalia, the mountainous dong has become a throbbing tourist draw. “I don’t know if someone has done it as a joke or whether it was accidental,” said one visitor. “But it looks like the real thing from down below.”

Gay and liberal tourism in the region is expected to skyrocket over the coming months. Already several charter flights are booked solid.

Don't like the penis
Don’t like the penis

“There it was, very large for all to see,” another Brit commented. “It’s good for Llandegla to be famous for something. It is putting us on the map like the large chalk man and chalk horse on the mountains in Dorset and Warwickshire.”

Not everyone agrees, however. “It’s very artistic and it is very clever, but it is not the sort of thing that I would like to cut out of the mountain for all to see,” said a angry parent. “We don’t like penises” said lesbians Kate and Beth.

Countryside officials have investigated but stress the land is privately owned, is not part of the country park, and has nothing to do with them.

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  1. What’s more disturbing is that you have 2 underage girls kissing each other. Did you take that picture Charles Manson mountain hippie look-a-like? And that disturbing picture of a child looking like they are in an asylum….. just an FYI…. I only masturbate when I can’t ride my boyfriend’s “sinstick.” LOL!!!! I love my sinstick…… oh wait, you’d rather have me be a lesbian than ride a sinstick. LOLZZZZZZ ignorant high school(barely) educated morons. You make me disgusted to say I’m a Republican.

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