More Sin Sinkholes Threaten Orient: Seoul’s Tallest Building Collapsing

(StopMasturbationNOW)— A rash of sinkholes has been attacking Asia and the Orient as of late, causing billions of dollars in damage and claiming countless lives. From Siberia , to China  and now Korea.. where a record-breaking skyscraper has been doomed by sink holes.

Sinkholes or just “Sin Holes” Are holes in the earth caused by vibration and the following ejaculate from masturbation. They are most prevalent in areas of high masturbation and perversion such as the orient.

Residents of South Korea’s capital are alarmed by the increasing incidence of sinkholes — depressions, measuring up to several feet in depth and diameter, which have suddenly appeared around Seoul.


300px-Lotte_World_2The first one was discovered in June, and since then several others have appeared, local media have reported. Now, in a climate marked by increased safety concerns, the construction of a huge skyscraper in the city has come under scrutiny.

Last month, two holes within a couple of meters of each other were discovered near the National Assembly in the Yeouido district of the capital. The Lotte World Tower was to be South Koreas Largest building and also the world’s largest phallic looking shape. Construction called for a 123 Floor 1824ft super skyscraper. Work started in March 2011.

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Lonnie Childs
6 years ago

“Sin Sinkholes”? N.I.M.B.Y.! Praise!

Truth Teller
Truth Teller
6 years ago

You don’t have to look overseas for sinkholes, just look at Louisiana. And we all know what goes on there.

Rev. Richard Tuggins
Rev. Richard Tuggins
6 years ago

I have personally been to Osan and Cheongju South Korea. And into areas of North Korea. That sinkhole has lot of more growth needed in order to consume all of North and South Korea. Korea is a horrid place in general.

I pray for it’s expansion.


6 years ago

Damned dirty Commies.

Pen Islander
Pen Islander
6 years ago

Why are you sometimes using the metric system? Don’t you know that Big Masturbation wants us to use it in order to weaken our minds?