Who is more Disgusting: Italians or Brazilians?

(StopMasturbationNow)— Recently our editorial staff traveled overseas to cover two events that took us to less than appealing countries. First, the surprise resignation of Pope Benidict Arnold XVI took us to Italy to cover the papal concave that elected the first Mexi-Pope, Francis in March 2013. Then the next year took us to Brazil to cover the World Cup of Soccer.

Both trips were awful. Our staff members could not wait to be able to get home to the good old USofA. Upon returning many discussions were had as to what trip was worse.


Italy or Brazil? Hard to tell.
Italy or Brazil? Hard to tell.

Both Countries peoples smell were very bad. Overall Brazilian men smelt slightly worse than Italian men. However Italian women smelt far worse than Brazilian women. So overall Italians smell worse than Brazilians
Loser: Italians

Work Ethic
This was a tough one. Neither country excelled at service, people did not seem to want to help you. They seemed slightly tired and a bit lazy. However everyone seemed busy doing something, couldn’t really tell what it was though. Brazil could not shake that Mexican heritage though and at least the Italians pretended they wanted our money
Loser: Brazil

Both Countries seemed to live in their own filth, trash was everywhere. Italy seemed very run down and brazil had slums. Italy had no slums but also did not have any few areas that were nice like brazil had.
Loser: Italians

Skin Color
Italians looked very black, Brazilians are Mexicans.
Loser: Italians

In both countries the signs of masturbation decline are very obvious. Brazil has massive deforestation from years of semen saturation, this is especially obvious in the Amazon basin where trees have been dying due to semen poisoning. In Itally semen from years has decimated infrastructure like the coliseum which is now practicaly useless. Brazils masturbation though is worse because over 30 percent of all women have penises which results in more semen in the environment.
Loser: Brazil

Unfortunately both Italy and Brazil lead the world in homosexual activities. Most of these involve “Roman” activities or Brazilian she males. Either way its very disgusting.
Loser: Everyone is a loser when homogays are involved.

In Italy, drunk Italians will often rape tourists and blame girls from Seattle. In Brazil, street monkeys will rape you.
Loser: Brazil

Overall this seems like a tie, but we are going to go with Italy for their proximity to Africa. We recommend that readers travel to neither country or travel outside the states in general.





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  1. I’ve seen pictures of a building in Italy called the ‘Leaning tower of Pizzas’. It was obviously built by a masturbator and named after one of our traditional American foods. They make me sick!

    • Pizza was invented by the Roman Empire in the time of Julius Caesar, and it’s also the Leaning Tower Of Pisa, after the town it’s in. It leans because the ground was too soft at the time of construction causing it to shift. The Coliseum is thousands of years old, Brazil has deforestation due to illegal logging. Brazil is a melting pot of culture and ethnic groups, there in no “race” in Brazil. At least 99 % of the population is mixed race and/or ethnic group, Italy is like the US, various cultures, not all of Brazil and Italy is filthy, a lot is clean and nice, and every country has smelly people and areas, and it’s own version of slums and ghetto. Italians are like the US, as in every one wants money, and Brazil? Bad service and rude? Never. They have so much respect to strangers it makes them seem like Britain. Oh yes I should know because I am a citizen of both countries (grandpa was Italian, so I have that birthright and I was born in Brazil). Yes I also hold citizenship of the U.S. Oh yeah by the way, LEARN TO LIKE OTHER CULTURES! The U.S. is not perfect, we have obesity epidemic, everyone-having-a-religionitis epidemic, and idiots. Lots of idiots. At least in Brazil and Italy, or any other country, you get normal portions and not 5x the normal amount of food for someone. And that gay chart is false, to have that percentage, Brazil and Italy would have to have more than 50 % of the worlds population. Both are smaller than the U.S. who has a small 317 million of the 7 billion people in the world. So just shut the fuck up, and deal with the problems we have in the States than bashing other countries, like obesity in the US. Oh and Lonnie, you are ovbiously part of the obesity epidemic, you look fatter than Mama June from here comes Honey Boo Boo. There, I just debunked your entire article’s points.

  2. Brazil, in fact, is more disgusting than Italy. Lord Jesus Christ elected to open the Vatican in Italy, not Brazil. Did you see the ancient Brazilians sending ambassadors to Jerusalem to invite Jesus over to open his new offices on Earth? Of course not. The Italian Mafia is a leading opponent of homogay activities; the traditional kiss of death is designed to make man-on-man French kissing decidedly unattractive. I, myself, utilize my Italian-American spiritual fervor in the service of Lonnie Childs’ deepest holy mission. You don’t see Brazilians contributing to this sacred netsite with their pidgin English. Finally, the only Italian women who smell are the short, muscular, farm girls; they succesfully mask it with wine and spaghetti sauce

  3. Praise be to Lonnie!!! I agree with Howard Demarco, being I’m half Italian and Irish… not Brazilian. Jesus should have played a bigger part in your final analysis. I’m sure Jesus wanted nothing to do with those sweaty disgusting Mexicans in Brazil. Who would? But the story stand alone was excellent and very informative. TY August for another fine expose on world cultures.

  4. American people is more ignorant than the average Italian.
    That’s all.
    Perhaps you think that Brasil is in Europe ..
    Simply you can’ permitt to be ironic

  5. Hello, can someone help me? I want to join BLUFF, how do I do that. I am a dominant gendered normal with non-tribal skin color. I wish to join to get help for my recent sin of a threesome with two lesser gendered homogays.

  6. Wow. I have a strong belief in Christianity. I’m sorry to say but who ever is incontol of this website and the contants, are all either going to Hell or will be judged very badly if and when the final days comes and or no access to heaven is granted because of your ignorance and being judgmental. The bible does say not to judge or you will be judged by God. Watch what you say here on earth, it will come back on you. Remember we are evaluated not only on the good things you do. Words and actions/deeds has the same level of being judgmenta. All the contants I’ve seen is encourage segragation, racism/prejudice and a plan disregard to the real meaning of the bible. I pray your ignorance and claim for being USofA truely doesn’t make you look down on other cultures/country because there are beautiful people and beauty in the world everywhere. If you don’t like it learn to smile and turn the other cheek and God will be the one with the final say, not you.

  7. brazilians have mexican heritage? lol thats funny, overhere in Mexico no one looks like a brazilian… this is my new favorite website!!!

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