Jesus And The First Anti-Masturbation Cross®

Never forget the sacrifice He made for you...

This Easter as you enjoy quality time with your same-race family, it is important that you remember the reason for the season.  Reflect upon the sacrifice that Jesus made for us all by allowing Himself to die a painful, humiliating death nailed to the first Anti-Masturbation Cross® in order to forgive mankind of our sins.

Jesus was the only perfect human being to ever walk the Earth.  As such, He never engaged in the sin of self-rape.  I challenge any of the bigoted, hateful atheists who troll this holy netsite to prove otherwise.

Hands are for praying, not violating your sin zones.
Hands are for praying, not violating your sin zones.

Jesus could have chosen any manner of death to save us.  Isn’t it telling that He chose this specific way?  What was the message?  Hands, nailed at the wrist as far away as possible from the sin zones?  It is obvious that Jesus’ final act was to let the world know that self-rape is the ultimate sin.

Message received.

For a limited time only!
For a limited time only!

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Happy Easter and God bless some of you!

-Lonnie Childs




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Hello, my name is Lonald "Lonnie" Childs and I am the founder and president of the STOP Masturbation NOW anti-masturbation movement. Please visit my Facebook page here, and my unaccredited institution of higher learning here,
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32 Comments on Jesus And The First Anti-Masturbation Cross®

    • If any one ever put this on my child I would beat the living day lights out of them!! This is child abuse you sick perverted creeps!! Use make me sick use don’t stand for god use are a sick twisted cult … This website disgusts me and my religion I would never want too be in anyway associated with you … Use need a bullet between your eyes

      • A bullet between our eyes??? Ah, one of the less-than-loving “Christians” our apostate President O’Blame-o spoke of. Well, a broken clock is right twice a day.

        • Milton Grits: note “Shelley’s” atrocious spelling and sentence structure combined with the intense rage. It is a sure sign of end-stage masturbation palsy or some new form of masturbation-aggravated epilepsy. Victims of this disease are no longer in contact with reality.

  1. This is a spoof website, isn’t it? I hope it is. And I hope you put a disclaimer, because some religious nutjobs may get ideas and apply this on their children. especially the 5 yr old ones. That would be barbaric and sick.

  2. “Jesus was the only perfect human being to ever walk the Earth. As such, He never engaged in the sin of self-rape. I challenge any of the bigoted, hateful atheists who troll this holy netsite to prove otherwise.” Actually I’m a Satanist. I think you guys are full of it. I’m also a psychology student. The cross is Child-Abuse. Disagree? Get a reality check.

  3. Sex is a beautiful thing. When you suppress it children will grow up to hide who they really are & do even more sick pervertated things. I can’t believe you guys are serious. To touch the genital are natural. Watch what happens to your kids as they grow up thinking their sex organ are sinful. So sad. Make me want to love my so more. To make up for the sick things you do to your children.

  4. I’m going to masturbate to this website! What a fuckin idiot this Lonnie must be. Never mind the dumbasses that cater to this stupid shit.

    • Lol Amen to that! Who the fuck is this creep and why is this site pushing anti Christian ?! Hey dumbasses, did you forget Christ’s primary message of refraining from judgment?! Are you free of sin? If not ( which you are not ) stop casting stones. Someone should kick your collective asses for proposing that we abuse our children. You are the definition of anti-Christ by not acting in accordance to Christian values.

  5. As a Christian, this is sick and barbaric. What is wrong with you people? Why do you molest your faith in this kind of way? I have no words to express the shock that I am in right now. I really hope you people find some knowledge because you are lacking in the cranial area. This whole site just makes me cringe in disgust. Don’t try and represent yourselves as a voice for Christianity because you are certainly not!

  6. The fact that you put this website out as a Christian website is absolutely disgraceful. The first sentence: enjoying Easter with same-race family? Come on now, seriously? Where in the bible does it say that you cannot love those of other races. It does not say it. God says to love one another and to love EVERYONE. Quit using a religious banner to cover up your sick opinions of how the world should be, being with people of different races are not in any way against the Christian religion.

  7. “The Anti-Masturbation Cross: Restrain your kids to prevent self-rape. Leave the rape to the church officials, just as Jesus wanted. Order in the next 7 minutes and 6 seconds to receive a free bottle of Mother Mary’s holy lube! After all, she was a virgin, if you don’t count anal!”

  8. First of how why would you think because Jesus had his hands nailed away from his penis he was saying masterbation is bad also if any sane person took a history class before then you would know that crucifacation is a form of roman torture and at the time the Romans controlled part of the world and they didn’t want jesus to rise to power so they crucified him to make a example

  9. Bullshit crucifixion puts Jesus’s hands as far away from his dick as possible. Hello? It’s 180o to be as far away as possible, not 90o. Apparently you don’t understand Math either.

  10. If it’s so wrong to masterbate then why did God make saliva double as a lubrcant???

  11. If God didn’t want us to masturbate, the why did he give us genitalia??? Or at least fine tune our pleasure receptors to recent us from feeling anything if we rubbed one off, or couldn’t cum?

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