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Lonnie Childs Apologizes to German People for American Interference in WW2 – Stop Masturbation Now

Lonnie Childs Apologizes to German People for American Interference in WW2

(StopMasturbationNOW)—Sometimes the United States has elected the wrong people and they have done the wrong thing. This weekend in a speech in Munich Germany, SMN industries founder and Leader Lonnie Childs apologized to the German people for Americas interfering with German goals in WW2. “America is a great friend to the German people, unfortunately Franklin Roosevelt was serving and under a diminished mental capacity and overreacted after Pearl Harbor. The Orientals should have been the target of our wrath and response and we should have united with Germany against the Oriental and Soviet menaces”

octoberfest-004The speech came on the 71st anniversary of Operation Overlord also known as D-day or the invasion of Normandy. Had the United States only focused on the pacific and the soviet threats, we could have avoided, Vietnam, Korea, the cold war, and the current Chinese menace.

The speech was delivered in front of an estimated audience of over 2400 people. Many of whom applauded Lonnie’s leadership and foresight. “He is truly a man above other men” one gatherer commented. After the speech a traditional German celebration took place celebrating the event.

Dr Childs will now head to Austria for vacation and to announce the formation of the first SMN compound on European soil.

15 Comments on Lonnie Childs Apologizes to German People for American Interference in WW2

  1. Two things:
    1. I feel sorry for Europe since they have to have these dumbasses over there now
    2. Did you ever study history? Germany DECLARED war on the US (like any sensible person would do) The US did not “interfere” as you say, we were defending our country from an invading force

  2. Such praise! I’ve always said Hitler gets a bad rap. He really wasn’t that bad when you look at everything else going on in this world. Like decriminalizing masturbation. And queer coitus.

    I just hope it’s not too late to mend our broken relationship with the German people. Who could blame them?

  3. Look regardless of how you feel and uneducated you are and for that I do feel sorry you, I mean it’s not like everyone to be part of ultimate plan. We need weak and simple minded folks like your self to be the poster child to perpetuate our ultimate plan. Jesus doesn’t have room for ignorant fools like you! And where do you get off on calling China a menace? It’s not like they have worked for thousands of years to be where they are at, so they deserve everything that they have. But what I want to know is: why are you so against masturbation? Is it because you couldn’t find pleasure like everyone else can? No that would be too easy. It’s because you were abused weren’t you? Most likely by your mother by the symptoms you have displayed in your posts. Did she catch you experimenting with your self and physically punish you because her little boy was growing up? She must have treated like a baby and kept you imprisoned inside while all the other kids played outside, and mother assured you that “you will make to heaven”, and “he always keeps an eye on you.” Knowing that everyday your mother’s voice echoes in your head, making you believe that this the only passage into heaven, so that you pass your psychotic tendencies to everyone else, saying to yourself I’m not alone anymore I’ll make others go there with me, but I’m sorry we here who criticize you have something called a brain and we use it to think. Awwww…… What’s the matter did I strike a little to close to home, oh I’m so sorry for exposing your little wimpy and infantile thinking to the rest of the world. Oh, poor baby! was that your last place to hide yourself. Well there is one place left to be and that is at the gates of the ultimate judge. So either kill yourself or I will assure that I may do the favor myself, although I do not like to get my hands dirty. Who am I you may ask, why that is not important but to keep this in mind while you pass into the afterlife, I am worse than Satan. I don’t waist time filling people with these supposed urges. I will actually make your worst nightmare come true!

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