Avoiding Masturbation: 5 Things Men Should Not Do

(StopMasturbationNow)—Many men suffer from an addiction to masturbation. With easy access to porn, it’s easy to get addicted. What needs to be done is deciphering the difference between masturbation and real sex, with an association of the latter being more pleasurable. Guys can learn more about their porn and masturbation addiction at https://www.knowledgeformen.com/trash-your-porn-quit-masturbating-and-crush-life/, and ways to tackle it. For now, though, men need to stop finding themselves engaged in everyday activities that practically encourage spontaneous masturbation. We recommend that men in the household abstain from the following “trigger activities” and that the females in the household go out of their way to make sure these activities are accomplished.


Vacuuming 679-man-vacuuming
Pushing forward pulling backwards, sucking, blowing, hoses and bags. These are activities that are practically male masturbation themselves. Men should never vacuum.

Cleaning the Bathroom
Plunging toilets, snaking drains. We all know what those resemble.

From sticks of butter to the carving knife. A salami or a sin stick? Leve the kitchen to the women.

The Dishes
Ever clean the outside of a glass? What about the inside? Polish the handle of a spoon? Too much temptation exists.

Back and forth repetitive motions should be avoided at all times. Ironing should never be done by a male.

Men, it is up to you to be a leader in the household. Set an example for your kids.

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    • Well. Too many things wrong. Now besides that it’s almost impossible to have a women only chore (besides having a “talk” with daughters) women aren’t “lesser-gendered”.
      Now I am not gay, yet I do the same chores as my wife, so you can shut up.

  1. Deacon Weisz is a pioneer on anti self rape techniques and a man of God. I vow never to do women’s work again. Praise!

  2. Take it from a man who has been doing cleaning work for years. I am a chronic masturbator, even quit cleaning to stay home and masturbate. Fortunately, Lonnie and the Stop masturbation now crew is helping me deal with those issues. Who knows, maybe one day I will become a productive member of society.

  3. This is literally the most uninformed, illiterate, misogynistic piece of garbage I’ve ever read. I’ve heard more logic from the quivering afterbirth of a 7th generation inbred.

  4. Well, I’m a woman and I whole-heartedly agree. I don’t allow my husband in the kitchen, EVER!! There are just too many masturbatory temptations in the kitchen for a man, trust me. My husband is the leader of the Porn is the Antichrist Faith Group in our church, and he has to review A LOT of porn sites online to make sure our youth know what sites to avoid. Sometimes he works until the wee hours of the morning, bless him, all alone in his office with all that nasty porn. I just stay in my kitchen, fluffing muffins, smuggling peas, and slowly carressing melons. Keep up the good work!!

  5. I love how this article blatantly states that women should be doing the housework and men should not because it “encourages masturbation.” Daily household maintenance isn’t a bad thing, you know, especially if both people in the relationship work. Me? I happen to like to come home to a clean house after the daily grind of work. Now I’m gonna go finish the housework and get dinner started early and jack it for a bit just because this site said so.

  6. Is this website a joke? I really can’t tell. If it is in fact a joke, than kudos to whoever put this much effort into this.

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