Is Your Teen Going to End up a Homosexual Masturbator on Prom Night?

(StopMasturbationNOW)—Prom night is as American as Apple Pie, the 4th of July or Baseball. It is a tradition, a right of youth and for many the night when they become an adult. People look forward their whole teen lives to prom night. The fancy clothes, a limousine, dinner, the dance, the after party and yes a little procreation at the end. However an increasing number of men have been being turned away by their dates at the end of the evening and the consequence is a higher rate of homosexuality and masturbation.



As more girls turn to lesbianism or feminism they are not fulfilling their traditional role on prom night. As a direct result boys who expected release now turn to homosexuality with their friends or even masturbating in shame. As it is well known, masturbation in itself is a homosexual act and people that masturbation is a gateway drug to rape. These all lead to sexual dysfunction and other mental illnesses.

But how can you prevent your teen from masturbating or turning gay on prom night? Well there are 5 easy steps to follow:

1, Talk to your teen about prom and sexual expectations. Let them know your feelings and the hard truth about masturbation.

2, Work with your teen in picking out potential prom dates. Avoid feminists or girls who don’t have the “it” factor.

3, Have your teen and his date clearly talk about expectations for prom.

4, Provide copious amounts of quality liquor, however nothing too hard that people end up throwing up.

5, Make sure the location is set. Many kids get a group hotel room and the lack of privacy makes intimacy hard. Get them a private room so they can be alone and most importantly awar from her friends.


Most of all make sure that it’s a positive night to remember. You only get one shot at prom.

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  1. Quote : -As more girls turn to lesbianism or feminism they are “not fulfilling their traditional role” on prom night-… LOL! They aren’t opening their freaking legs!!!

  2. girls aren’t required to have sex on prom night. and saying that sounds like they’re a sex toy. which we’re not

  3. Traditional roles are you joking? What is it a sin to love your body and not need a man to be happy? Do you think God intented for women to just be some toy for men? I masturbate. If that is sending me to hell I’m happy to go. I would rather burn than worship a god who made me just so I can open my legs for men.

  4. I read this article , I am not sure if I understood what is the real meaning of the Prom night you see I was not born in the American culture . I am A Christian , so I do understand that any sexual relationship should be with a man and a woman after they are married according to the Holy Bible , so I am not sure of the prom night meaning in the Christian life ? is the prom night for Christians means to have sex and drink alcohol is OK ? I believe NOT . I need someone to explain perhaps the person who wrote this article and a pastor .

  5. You people should stop making fun of Christianity and our Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus loves you. Believe on Hi, and you will be saved. Read the Bible.

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