Parental Warning: New Children’s Website Instagrams Delivers Drugs to Kids

instagram(StopMasturbationNOW)—There is a new website geared to children called Instagram that your kids might already be using. Instagram is short for “instant grams” and this service provides drugs by the grams free to kids in exchange for pictures.

Anything from pot to ellisdee is available from this service. A new trend is for kids to take pot anally freeing up both hands to masturbate. Parents, it is vital that you check your computers and mobile cellular telephones for this website. Stop Masturbation NOW highly recommends families use the windows phone as instagrams is not available on it.

Remember fathers, it is your responsibility to talk to your kids about the dangers of masturbation, educate them, don’t let sin enter the home.



19 Comments on Parental Warning: New Children’s Website Instagrams Delivers Drugs to Kids

  1. Praying AT them all! I pray brother Lonald receives the backing to open his Masturcleansitration Camps!

  2. Oh poor misguided homogay. Judgement day will come soon. Brother Lonnie foretold that Fapnet- a global masturbation network fully funded and operated by big masturbation corporations, will become self aware on the 11th of August 2015 and launch a major naposemen strike against humanity. 3 billion masturbators will perish in an instant! The rest will die slowly from masturbation illnesses like triple aids and become homogay. Only Lonald will lwad us lonovians and the survivors to salvation and ultimate victory against Fapnet.

  3. False, Instagram IS available for Windows Phone. True christians should only use divine Nokia 3310. Praise Loonie.

  4. I once injected pot bongs and self raped when I was a lost youth and I am glad I received salvation from Saint Dr. Lonald Childs. I wish they would find a punishment for the young harlots who use the instagrams. This is also another reason not to use the liberal and masturbation friendly apple i phone.

  5. I wan to put my fully erect sin stick in carlos danger’s eyesocket and coat his brain with my thick milky white jism. And if any of it spills out I’m sure cathy REDMOUND and truffle will be the good clean up bitches they are and slurp up any excess. Oh how i want to skull fuck you carlos danger.


  6. How motherfucking dumb could all of you brainwashed idiots be what the fuck God isn’t real masturbation isn’t bad Instagram doesn’t deliver any drugs expand your brain like my god this is mental do parents really treat there kids like this

  7. I’m on instagram and they don’t give or sell drugs to kids or permote masterbation and let’s talk about priest rapping kids

  8. Do some fucking research! Any idiot knows you can either eat or smoke weed… First hand experience here, and I highly suggest it lol. If it fucked people’s lives up like you suggest, America would not be legalizing it! And yes it does make sex and jacking off better… Which you guys need to do Pronto!
    Get off soon, love Jace ❤

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