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3 Simple Ways To Be A Man – Stop Masturbation Now

3 Simple Ways To Be A Man

I’ve met a lot of men over the years that claim to be “real men” but none have compared to Brother Lonnie Childs. I was able to briefly meet Brother Lonnie during a faith conference in Phoenix, Arizona in late 2014 and He made my fledgling writing career by allowing me to write here on His Holy Netsite. Brother Lonnie exemplifies what is means to be a man and He has passed on these simple tips to all of you boys out there reading who want to be a true man of God.

3. Maintain high levels of testosterone at all times

This one is the most simple as most men have high levels of testosterone and if your testosterone levels are low, it’s quite simple to boost those levels. There are many products out there like anabolic steroids, human growth hormone and beef steaks that will aid you in boosting your testosterone levels. If you fail to have superhuman levels of testosterone in your body you have no excuse for being one step closer to lesser gendered status. All it takes is constant monitoring and taking the vitamin supplements like steroids and human growth hormones to achieve this.

2. If someone disrespects you, strike them down

Let’s say you are at church and you think that some other man looks at your same race assigned spouse improperly. A boy will just look away quickly or go home and lament the looks from the man by way of a melodramatic blog post. A real man steps to the leering scumbag and knocks them out with a solitary punch fueled by the power of Jesus and Lonnie Childs. A “super” man will knock the creep down and break the pew the likely masturbator was sitting on with his weak body. The real man in this anecdote then congratulates the preacher on an excellent sermon, apologizes for the mess and takes his SRAS out to the parking lot to have an impromptu procreational sex appointment in the backseat of his luxury sedan.

1. Don’t masturbate

This one seems obvious, but also builds off the other two points. A masturbator leaks testosterone out of the tip of his sin stick, draining the essence of what it takes to be a man onto the pages of newspapers and illegal magazines. Instead of wasting his testosterone, a real man fires his DNA laced with testosterone into the womb of his SRAS during a planned moment of procreation. A masturbator also lacks the physical strength and endurance to ever successfully win a fight of any sort. Whereas a real man has the strength built up from showing restraint when it comes to masturbation and has the power of Jesus flowing through his veins when he breaks someone’s face after a moment of disrespect. Simply put, a “real man” has never masturbated or has been cured of his ills by Brother Lonnie Childs.

About Kenneth Day 12 Articles
Kenneth Day got his start doing The Lord's Work at a small church in Chandler, Arizona. He quickly rose through the ranks of his church and got the attention of several anti-masturbation crusaders who have enlisted his various talents. When Ken is not devoting his time to helping Lonnie's cause as well as other alternative religious organizations, he works as a video game reviewer.
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  2. How to be a man:
    1 Ignore stupid articles about how to be a man. They’re always wrong.

  3. Mr. Day, I compliment you sir for once again for rendering such a powerful fact based article that any real man like ourselves recognizes to be the truth. Your efforts to educate people and through brother Lonnie reach out to those who suffer from the disease of masturbation is commendable. Praise Jesus & Lonnie

  4. A real man don’t need no stinkin’ articles written by puny little wussies about how to be a man.

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  6. This is the most ridiculous site I have came across. Fuck you and all you pretentious Bible Bangers. “Straight male over sight? ” This is nothing but a bunch of sheep blindly following a controlling, mind washing and degrading cult disguised as religion. I “pray” that you poor fools pull your heads out of your ass and realize there is nothing wrong with sex, or liking sex for that matter. If you are a good person, who ever is running this world won’t damn you for enjoying everything this planet has to offer. Get out there, live your life and stop being controlled by these fire breathing preachers.

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